A&G Clips: Vinnie Tortorich

Wednesday, February 15th

Celebrity fitness trainer Vinnie Tortorich on how to get in shape for spring break.


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It's Indian Gina and you know every year people make resolutions in the new year. And none of us keep some and that's why the we've rod Jeanne as guru to. Yeah aluminum that many years toward rich too we love I'm gonna call you a celebrity trainer nutrition to join or not I I don't care and I don't care how I don't. You have a big show unsteady I'm gonna be years special guest that's that. Flapper is comedy club in Claremont this Sunday 5 PM they're ready to eat and tickets available at lepers comedy dot com. I got this dad they need that 75% of people party given up on the resolutions by now. Yeah you know what I grew up in New Orleans so usually after Christmas you know people start right at New Year's. And then you all's they somehow make it to Mardi Gras not really. Aren't right after years. So they really give up early there are usually the rest of the country by Valentine's Day it is dark. You know you have to chocolate heart you have all the candy at all bring it. So look this is the time I tell people forget about your truck solution. Do develop our real solution is Andrea bikini weather is coming up spring break is coming out before you know it is going to be yes summertime B twelve. You're wearing the short art cannot do people still finish. Arch or should you Wear short shorts you are short stories. And they commercial doesn't Greinke I had my childhood so you know I know there's a lot of people still it would bags of candy hearts is sitting on their desks at work in and on their counters at home. But people are thinking it's just sugar or there's no fat and it's so it's not gonna hurt me right any. And here's the problem. People say you know I'm gonna eat this this Valentine's candy. Because I don't wanna sort of way but you know in fact they go to flour to wait three days later that occupant of the bargain store bought a fair bet if you demanding. Our look at them anyway you gifts album right so why not get rid of something that's going to be that well. You getting rid of the debt flowers get rid of the candy it's not good for you are those cells like old Manchin any talking right. Is the fact is if you look you're not saving anything by saving that can be your only getting off closest to a artifacts and get without. They let me ask you this I let's pretend for a second that I'm a lazy. Middle aged man. At this would try to I don't mean the last Briton. If there's one thing that I could do. Two she dead pounds nearly effortlessly what would it be once I cut out what you guys do what's add to what. Morphed by saying there is exercise is a poor weight to lose weight and it doesn't have awesome for the yeah that you can yet calorie calorie out to stop work it's not a work hit miracle will work you cannot work. And the only way to do it is like cutting out the things that cause the hormone does rise and not hormone there's. Mainly canceled. And the only way to get insulin to do its job correctly as to not have your body release thing at all. And the only way to do that it's just that you consider you bought all the dialogue and give them that you want Jude just by cutting out. The major part of your grains and most leadership over. Well you're you're gonna learn all of this Vinnie you've helped me take off well over thirty pounds were almost tipping the scales at almost forty pounds so. I can't thank you know I really do you go and all the UN if you wanna get on board with. I'm to lazy middle aged way that I've been doing in Indy it's it's super easy and it's almost fun all must. How do you come to dish out at flapper is in Claremont that's this Sunday at five. These big fat show I'm gonna be up on stage of them. Tickets available at flapper is coming dot com and the first two people to call right now are gonna get a pair tickets to come see us we're going to be great time. Thank you my dear us what you're tortured or be a lot to me this number yes it doesn't.