A&G Clips: Donald Trump

Wednesday, January 11th

Gina calls President-elect Trump to find out what he thought of Obama's farewell speech.


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Well apparently Donald Trump not as busy as you might think you know we still have his number from last time a case organized talked to Donald Trump the greens. Yeah. Hey its do you regret so beauty of the new big news. Good thing he's here for taking the time president elect Donald strand just between us what did you think of president Obama's farewell address last night. Didn't watch real. I definitely didn't watch Obama's today's speech periodically shedding debt bailout at I. I absolutely didn't have might send there and there's a win is it technology. That informed me that President Obama wasn't actually inside identity says steadfastly stand. That's the simply didn't then throw my overcoat insanely well done rich get like trumps state did the television chattering it is a million pieces. And I didn't instruct the maids place and it's good that I bridges two years ago been married surely there ass yeah but he's with the delegates. I unequivocally. Deny exercise seven last place senior advisor gave been suggested that I watched this speech delayed up president being his dad's. But I surely didn't tell him to keep his advice to himself and stick to what he's good at which is giving my gut it is sweet sweet loving he needs. Andy's great debt India. Eighteen yeah is Donald just wanted to make sure there were up clear at what their bidding. I think that president elect. Just gave my seven men you almost certainly does nasty depraved things with my daughter in the bed isn't high level position in my administration. I missed step ducking super macho bus. And he fairly regularly had hit it good with my guess I will be asking the young studied just might get it did business. My other buddy frequently years it's a demand to instruct me. In between sweaty passionate lovemaking sessions with my little girls on the book tell me big bad dental drill. What do you do. Just take each year everybody's at this they say you I don't get back. Oh wait what might think thank you so much made at bringing up yesterday's deployed today engaged in good spirited sexual acts involving rested its ability jalla. I had a legitimate argument that it is today people here regret that Tina police. And it's.