A&G Clips: Christopher Titus Calls The Show

Tuesday, August 16th

The super funny Christopher Titus calls Andy and Gina to talk about his podcast and his new movie!


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Transcribed copy not accurate. Disregard. 100 point three the sound where we liked got a close. On. A little bit because who I had. Ready to go play better day by Christopher always was the talk to billions a little earlier and you just got on the plane and decided to fly to Nashville young Billy is not easy tell them. I know I don't really a little bit Billy is definitely a free soul and you barely get the same act. General. Should know the little being media tends but that but I can't write a climate out a letter. You aren't as is your prompt you can the problem has been. We're talking to Christopher well they because he's fun MB because he's got this show go and add to flippers in Burbank Bieber make comedy festival goes through Saturday. Tom daddy got Andy Dick. Yeah yeah we're doing that we're doing our podcast today of that policy Gore's gonna be there you know I think an even bigger conference in Montreal London. Chicago and Burbank I think that's 40. World yeah that happens though I yell get a good they'll do it today. And then let the rest of the people go O'Reilly you know it it's set. The good thing the project. Generally well of murder a lot from from you guys you know not it's not have a hundred. How to run radio and suffered but yet we actually we actually make people angry a lot to. Silly you you do your standup specials are so freaking great and everybody loves you and you know about but what's the difference for you between doing a live stand upset and a podcast because. One may be a little more free form one may not be getting do people go dogs back. You know I don't believe he's got to entertain in my idly these. That there's a lot of progress that they don't get the wrong that would there's a lot of people blob lying about nothing for an hour. I sit down and I write like the first five minutes are right what's going on in the world I write a five minute they would jokes. And then we start talking about it end up and Rachel Bradley goes release body release Archie. And wait smarter than me it's always funny. I you know obliterate your social all over the years I learned had to do it beat it you know couldn't work that you guys around the country all these people like that ratio it. I just think adding the wedding the only sane is. Not be entertaining to be boring so I thank you don't shut up like Alec mentioned this question I am. Just like that. So I you mentioned yourself flapper is is where your plane and I wonderful comedy club not sure clapper has to do with comedy exactly. What do you ever come when you're traveling around the country didn't drive up and find yourself in front of sneakers with a Z and just say I don't know plan to strengthen us. Yet for the job of that when it. Rick the right start account based who'd won riders all over the country to get aren't you just go Tuesday to Sunday he would drive every crappy town. That they can reach him in there running car. And there is clubs where I've walked in and they didn't have these flight I don't know how close it was this. During the week it would rhetoric that we can really dance clubs and had a lead in for good they did what they throw like that dance on the comedy show Dracula it's. I think I think that showed that that they knew there were winning I'd get a bit about it and what you meant. We're going to Munich I shall the coming donated weren't quite what it. You know I'm doing the show this is one lady in Verona will not like look at me. You rational look at me. And it consciously we you know warm but you're not so we thank you left you'll notice the last night classic duels in its. All are horrible insecurities or ask comes. And I turn this way to go what belies your process. Well. Italy and Spain Italy archetype you know well woman next or goes she's flying. I thought that I don't wait I have ripped out like I had a two minute. You would like oh yeah Steve has to say the end of the show didn't go that well. Uses sees it knows you're you were talking about it until a minute but now you don't work. But you know the worst took it to bed Bayside did it got. All these women know each other. And an end to negotiate blind and I go and and then I say what would she doesn't know what what just happened. And at that point the rumor that day. Tyler I got my hot area. This site that I say thank you ignite. An attitude and I love your intrepid spirit though I little guy in the crowd is not giving up and it can't. Then I can if for no reason at all I think it is the problem is the bird hunting zone again. Note this hitting issue we have we have a lot that many elections going on we go yet yet that the object was great like. In addition night at a GOP's so I'll exits into these. He really is not it wept for whoever it may mean that's like. Ted Cruz you can just see take could walk in years just this playing in a teletype elegant like a book around me know what it's like yeah. And that's an idiotic Hillary and you know we've got to wake up bodies binder allegedly allegedly had been allegedly. It makes us like that allegedly don't cut that out. I don't wanna kind of suspicious one car axis. Is a plug carpet fibers or make sure that no written language I don't speak. And then you get very allow Bernie Bernie very you can across the grumpy model train enthusiasts let's listen it's. Through. A filter. I Giricek they are now clearly we are you're gonna definitely wanna see this as runs now through August 20 at lepers and Burbank. I'm really quickly ask you good and bad how's the moviegoer and special Abu. He's a great movies phenomenal bill would guard those there so especially in it we just on some of movie. Make that Howard. Forty minutes it is lap outlet in I think they've Billie garde or the watchers are both and it really guard out is so funny movie. It's it's I Hayden that's funny you heard comic comedian I ate your friends and I just. He's so good so I think I use actually nice guy. Get ready Jack Kelly really is the best. But he doesn't really become an apple with the bacteria we we. It done and really funny so now we're just wrapping up a color writing and sound right now let's stay especially energetic people don't know especially unit. Due to discredit the disability back to LAPD FR or handicapped undercover detectives. And I play Nick Nolte mug shot. If that's there out. Make comedy festival announces Saturday if levers of Burbank a Christopher Titus part of the Christopher good to talk to you get greater haven't and I appreciate it and they can I get.