A&G Clips: Celebrity Trainer Vinnie Tortorich

Tuesday, January 10th

Celebrity trainer Vinnie Tortorich on how to take off those extra pounds you gained over the holidays.


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We haven't nutritionists and trainers Vinny tall order it on the Alanna had beanie and I'd urine and cat now I know you hate being called a celebrity trainer so. I'll just call you a trainer to people with lots of money and fame has not. That we. And I got out of work OK here's liberty drink and still okay UN high you bit I'm I'm coming with you to them and I hang around. Have a show coming up Sunday at flapper as in Burbank at five. And it's all about getting people to get their hot bond already for Tony 79. We've been stuffing our faces we bend it and cut loose since the the Thanksgiving we all feel bloated and horrible so give us a quick tip to hold us over till Sunday what can we do to get. Operation hot body kicked off right now. Don't move too fast so I'd be all of these resolutions right now on FaceBook and Twitter. Feel on the active side for two hours today and I wouldn't. You know what I tell every one. First of the year. Starts slow and it's slowed down Labatt blue there's no rush it's not gonna happen any quicker. And if you come out of the gate too fast you're not gonna win this is not a script focuses this is the marathon we got to both of you got broken yes. Well I like this slow down their exercise less. And I also be more. Yeah Null or not I'm up. When they start. Everybody. You know we all have these great intentions of doing at all and you know people feel by week three doctors believe in value base they're loaded with people who work. Injury probably injuries up and down the union it's just you have to take it easy. Don't come out of the gates do faster if you wanted to laugh you know just take your time and do it right. I had an injury in my union and lemmings studies rehab on that wells for a gallon of urology histories are we gave him. So start slow and don't be a hero it'll be much easier to carry you through the whole year. And I know your philosophy is cut out the sugar cut out the grain which is. Ivan didn't use his last march I've lost remember hovering around 32 pounds right now on. I really do know that all TSA can't wait to to get up there and can give good testimony on Sunday. You know I did nothing I just suggested what you should do you do all the work my former CC. But anyone can learn what you and I what I talked give ya by showing up at slap for Sunday this Sunday they are high PM yeah. Yet can be super super fun it's called big he's big fat show for God's sakes we're gonna happen this group did have a good time he really funny and are gonna learn a lot of great stuff. I need you people can pay day have private console to Cuba why not just pay a couple of bucks come down ask your question live in a joke around we'll have a great time. Levers and Burbank Sunday at five tickets available at slapper is comedy dot com. Think he did the best thing you've achieved and really you aren't you guys are great thanks Jeremy. I was these Sunday or are right and if you come see the show for free what its head and EV third call as they're kind it's a free pair of tickets to these big fat show to eat this Sunday at 5 PM calls out 8886961003.