A&G Clips: Adam Carolla

Thursday, March 16th

Adam Carolla on why he can't relax around Jimmy Kimmel.


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It's an easy today and it's Thursday some were talking to Adam Carolla reminder to go to chassis dot com CH AS SY. Dot com into the 24 hour war another video favorites they're and also the TV show now Adam Carolla and friends build stuff live it's on Tuesday nights on spike TV yes. Congratulations and I saw the show Tuesday night it looked Superfund yet Jimmy Kimmel Live he had them crazy muddy ray on the kids Ron it's fine you if it was stressful it's certainly didn't show. You have that the that the key with this. I gotta tell you you know when somebody lies he'd be nicer to work out fine. I mean. Diet but we've done everything like we view the man show like he was alive so it's it's why don't stop right and they've radio and there were chosen but I've done a ton of it but at some point people just kept hammering it home alive you nervous a lot of us are you nervous then. By the time it erupted actually doing this show. I was kind of nervous like. No one would rat and tell I was nervous. Are you. Know you are also I have this weird thing. And but you guys tell me how weird it is. I respect Jimmy so much. Bedard I have this weird rarity like a month ago electorate like ode Jimmy Carter go hit a home run hosting the Oscars I'm gonna all of my face. Doing a GAAP basic pace he's got a bit earlier this chasm it's. Between. An expert in India slipped. Jimmy is a guy I've always look up you can't always have wanted to ask them because I started my career. Having to impressed you least that we would get me on the radio Jimmy sports guy yeah. The Jimmy this or guys so whenever. Jimmy is going to be the guest on the show over the first guess virtual Iran goes oh good you're correct you from Iraq she got Jimmy and believe like. I can spin and it seemed like Jimmy saying to me like halfway into the show what we do. What you did do a couple time refused so when he can he has clearly not a car. Under no bus but the other thing was cool about it is and I think hopefully that will continue as. He kind of got into jumping into it and was it was like working during the commercials and stuff like that he was he was into it. You know I remember when I first came to LA twenty years ago this month and the first thing I heard when I turned on the radio was you guys. I'm not okay Iraq and you were doing mr. Burch emerged just maybe peak and then send the worse things than human being concerned. And also working in some home improvement stuff within Jimmy doing stuff like you know as it now last night this guy got ejected from the game because he threw an elbow what a Dick. Now my hole which is Salem. I was like it was so exciting to hear you guys working together. I'm thinking that if he's talking may be. Retiring in the next several years. After all of you guys do TV stuff maybe go back to do radio. And now what are trying to appalled give me everything out I don't try to differences. Between men have a certain need to show you what. Jimmy been fired from ever radio. Number and you know you relay is. No program directors ever thought Jimmy was funnier. Things. That you're dealing. It was fun. Where where apparently it was fun at the end you you built a locked in now are in it it was sturdy enough even with your crazy asked for and re building it. They use sent not only your best friend Jimmy Kimmel but your children and up on that often at any point read terra by the that thing was gonna come crashing down. Buhner. You know meet let me paint do you think I'm ever scare pride is sort of my bill I put it all in my house. The Indy might shut its Toronto area and are you ever think I'm terror aren't I sure don't like bill. And now all of Los Angeles knows he'll never retailer buys. Could go to chassis dot com. CA today SSY dot com to find all the stuff that Adam's done and check out the show it's on Tuesday nights and spike TV Adam Carolla and friends. Build stuff like always good to talk to you at a bank.