A&G Clips: Adam Carolla

Thursday, February 16th

Adam Carolla on why he has a problem getting his dog into the car.


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It's in his Gina and on the phone as that happens every week we're joined by Adam girl who's in his car and just ran through the AM PM has gone through that's gone out of. Adam didn't it shocked like Philly cheese stake in the back all the upbeat. Yeah the problem. Gina and those sites which probably eight or door sedans sport nor. They need and ability and normally jumps in the back of the car. Is at that he's bad. The best they can get his hot tap into the back seat but is bottom and feel and the thought. I'd. And then are holding my coffee. Holding myself phone. Attempting to try to get kids back cap it's heavy it happened. Into the back. Without spilling coffee. On him. And I got to be on it there's only one way to do read you know you're or arm and you wrap around his place. Editors who literally impossible but doing it with out. Crushing hit it. And the date of this they 200 pound a year and a half black lab he's a proud to have I was gonna eat more employees. Wow yeah. And we talked to our buddy Betty to order it yesterday about getting arm fat bodies ready for summer and I know you have a bunch of projects coming up of course we have to show it aux are down Levy live Thursday February 23 and we wanna ever gonna come out to. Tickets available at Adam Carolla dot com. You having a middle of a struggle resisting the yummy foods lately who. I I waning at all. What I do and and I suggest everybody do it. You just set a mark like but really the opt errors. Are coming and you know last Sunday it sparked two weeks and Kelly Oscars and I just thought. I'm not sure I'm going or not I might be squeezing into account you know there's going to be by the paparazzi I just bought a general way and you got chopped it out. And I doubt that golf. Fine of course I live. But it is known to people some sort of hyper thyroid condition who never seen an album. Dance. I walked in my kitchen the other day on Sunday night and there was a UN out double golf ball. Not in the package. Or employee. On not on the countertop on top of the bar op so a little bit elevated. But nothing else around it and nobody else in the kitchen or in the vicinity. Job. It's what you do you're trying to catch a bad. I thought I got her own hamburger that you know that mine and I don't need. This. Well that's right back out burger. And my wife stroke achieved on top of bad idol what you're going to get that Sonny Barger literally I had to. Point eight burlap sack over money at this that they don't. Want to. Like ninety times a potentially I get old like them or nurse app and oh. And just got a tactic. And it did might young. I know he did not. If you refrigerator. On the top shelf life at Iowa all this flight on its banner and that I had no it would good for another day. And well it's paying up to as you're looking mighty fine I know you got a lot of stuff coming up. We have a big show it's gonna be Thursday February 23 up at a hot cards club levity live brand new facilities was to be amazing. Adam's going to be crash it on stage I'll be up there with them. Let's have your tickets at a picket number between one and ten. Outfit let's go. One big guy that we still mad they own screen. Up you are really night. I the first person to call and it right now would get a pair of tickets to concede the Adam Carolla show alive. At levity light knocks are that is Thursday February 23 thank you so much for documents Adam good document. Thanks sandy thank Jean out here tonight and it is they had.