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Monday, October 23rd

It's time once again for the Random Question Question!


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. Was thrilled. Oh okay. Granted causing glass and 844999. Nolan got another reason you're just joining us and we ask that question that the that's a what if you don't pass up. There is there. You wanna I care arena Atlanta okay the a a just look. Some comments came can I ask whether it was so funny guys saw a bald eagle swooped down and and take matches this is a jackass. And there's as a response again and. Cause we hear people loyal if if if if if if the we had an. The freezer wrap hooking up at all our freedom ain't free but if there's maybe 34 year old woman named Stephanie gas pedal itself union township Pennsylvania. And she is court ordered from going to the nearest Wal-Mart for whatever reason rats a if there are not drowsy got a court order but so we know for a fact that he hates that court order because she violated that ban. And went there earlier this month. Employees on the council when they got there Stephanie explained why she'd done the Wal-Mart quotes. The cake Wal-Mart sell Wal-Mart sells is too good to stay away she is facing trespassing charges remic Helen added to the picture. I got a boy and why was she base and begin. I'd we don't know why she was banned usually I wish she was court ordered not to go to that Wal-Mart and she was busted in there and the reason that went clear and present her name is company's own. It is a Stephanie gas go DA SK added Stephanie gas gets out union township Pennsylvania Stephanie Dan's kids to Afghanistan did you get the cake that's got to stuff. That's Gaza as project you're there sure is like this she likes it takes so much from that specific Wal-Mart or Brad like just regular old groceries to a store sheet cake. I occasion I. Are tended to make UK get it in a way just feel like comment on Medicaid Greg decipher birthday Taylor and I completely ruined it. Mineta go there the storm I kick in it was fantastic just the yeah Delhi. Cake it's soft it's moist you know people go for all the food food cupcakes and all that they know the known and get this sheet of cupcakes at the grocery store. We'll rank the GD PC a breath of cupcakes you out of you like the fans like a big guest box of them tons of them liked what I'll delicious this for your time. Random random random random random random crumbled and we for the land god damn and I did I don't have souls we'll spritz early Iraq. And I told him look like mama do homes Wednesday doctor Saunders Derek did she not at all I was stunned when a socialism. Some indications that good visit and an Israeli team thing did you like lying about her that was bad moments arm I want are believed fuel. They don't look like the person up onto. Hello Nathan welcome to the men's room. Later in the lord's good current home ours. Kindness and you can think what it does so my take back a little bit and I did you use his you're crazy stories that Wal-Mart and they all have stuck with a little. If that Wu. Whether you're an elementary school middle school maybe it was a job sometime in your life. Who would you say he is your arch nemesis. All. While you you hit a homer on today buddy I'm. Yes you don't only did the year. Can't sink in its. So well. I hope beatle listener who yeah Clinton's father load will be my arch nemesis why is that it's. Multiple reasons. The gun on me one and hit on me about half a dozen times. See why don't you mean like hit on you like hit on you physically intimate sexual and I'll tell armed with the Linehan to release separate occasions. Separate occasions yeah any new your married to his daughter. Yeah. Was he a regular part of her life I mean was he got a leg rip rap or was he just like the father that she had. They knew the Kremlin here her great work. Out that sounds dumb F up I'm not charted that reference. So it could be OK okay so it's our youngest is she weird to look further and further traces of dead in your present wife. I know until after the divorce. Yeah. Did she take her father's side on these things are to say daddy he can't hit on my husband. She didn't know until after the divorce. And tried to teller during a bench he had very. I opinion of her dad. Yeah yeah. What did you did that everything to do with why you guys got divorced. Oh completely done now now now now with. Unsurprisingly. Yeah. Was he like openly gay or would you just get drunk and hit on. I aliens you know. Those third box a wind gets cracked open in you know all all of the conditions. Came out I guess so not losing America. We've all had a lot of lose my reckoning would normally hear multiple times but you know I think collided in Martin CRVs in the yemen's. I cannot imagine him play on the field until everything got a really nice admittedly broad it's been a long time is hilarious. Story. And so I guess it was that he was not an amicable separation between you and your wife. Now of course you know and how long that process last. In America over all the divorce process. Holds iron episode. Ali after about five years fired aren't and I do you have any contacted them and home. Oh definitely not now. Does that you're dead and about filed loans proposition and Germans did and I don't know you know children nothing I have considered it sometimes you know out. Okay. That's a little bit. Tied the reason I asked Hoosier arch nemesis for data will show a record wow I don't know businessman and I. So the story goes from Fox News appear Ferrell hog don't mess with Texas. As learn by 416. Pound wild hog that was killed by next Texas man after wreaking Havoc on his property for the past five years it's too bad the federal hogs don't watch more news right gonna see now warned the man that joke flowers and union grove Texas killed hog with a they are fifteen. If the. Calm down would you mother. That's pretty sure honestly did you confront those hogs for Mike helicopters were being honest Robert. About Barbara about the robbery lays between some populated areas I try to maintain an environment like a sanctuary or a nursery for the deer to raise funds. A Texas is home to the largest Ferrell hog population in the US what an estimated how many in the state loan. 40000 or hundred pound hogs. Yeah listen 40040000. I now 30030000. And how big Texas says are an audio out of politics I go higher. 200000. And you want a bit higher. A million hard higher hole how these are 400 pound hogs they're fairly soon they roam hire the entire states and five million lasts four million to I had this morning before I don't know. And hogs they want according to local media he. Along with things like this eaters are and snakes and rats wild hogs are probably one of the more disliked animals in my property you don't say the Hagen been preying on the funds in the area and Claris of these always stayed arm when he visited his dear feeders in case the beast charge them play hogs he maybe didn't OEM down the departed Hogg will live on as a trophy amount and on the lawn as homey added. He was a big daddy I called him. Bush beast. I may have forgotten brand. I ran down a friend. I don't know why doesn't always really phone demand. Brenda the dogs it's so big plate eventually and did he did in Arkansas like it's a big issue that whole area joining us of the Ferrell what did you grow in the girl behavior that you lose anyway this idea. If you are de Niro was a big reason that's. Play and appointed the monster that you there's going to have to carry a weapon address your property charges of big big saw. When you are these tasty and diligence and good barrel in front of does that mean you any keys that I don't know I mean it might just be because workfare rules in front of him I feel like. If we're so they also knew they would put him on the menu like we. Promise you all of our pork is completely federal no because they are just Gomez hello Carol cat now you will not see him without knowledge nobody Mina just means that dancing is wild crazy I would need that damn thing I don't really get eating cat is that it would need be the last when you would pay no hairless that would be the last Olympics I would are tutorials taught something district and I know this sounds horrible when employed you slather some olive oil wanna put it on spit skimmed a as just my promise assessment of it the less you have to do to address it. But that's that your cat or be less and eat is based on what I what I know of this cap and some habits well nobody really eats cats. I don't know her but I had equal Greg what made you wanna go Pekingese. Which wants the Pekingese on the double I Himalayan innocent world literally fat eight Google wants to the Himalayan. Well they get a flat faced yeah yeah I was here who have very little pain Arafat is I don't science the do wanna go. Brenda friends come friends of friends hello Greg welcome to the men's room. Hello Brad who rents. Are you. I know. I regret that I think rice we've all sorry I was that's still that's no way to get college. You can keep you speak the truth. What. What is wrong we'll reasonable. They look OK I think it's people like this is a whole round with you what did you steal. Well that I feel when you steal. Those days. Are almost all our. But I think of my best story when it comes to get the feeling I'm very putting you still Limas does is the huge all of a well over a stupid little teenager. Me and my body would go into stores during. Nobody distract the capture all of sudden they are still on our jobs illusion as I was. Yeah it might favor. One produce win because both also big skate boarder that Bono work 506070. Years old. And I'll walk me in my body walked into a traditional opera and bride before we walked in. I whispered into his ear word weird to obstruct him. And I walked in not locked in with modesty board argued I would beat them hello good already. And I'll walk didn't look like it or hold a skateboard and a ball you would distract from the cashier. Lou just pretty concerned they're looking out though Walt skate boards deciding NG which won't go to war. And we want to get. I would go our god our blog global board that combined are really big feet Saudi euros is literally slide forward. Not a probability is no I renewed its revenues blood drive through that learning care he's really. And I found it today apple announcement about our Israel wanted to steal police are still searching for a man who dropped three T bones and mistakes stakes in his shorts and ran out of grocery land in Dayton Ohio true skirt steak that store manager told police he was walking down the meat aisle when he became suspicious by the he'd behavior of a man talking to another customer. The manager later saw the man run out the front entrance he ran after a month lost sight of the man that threw a behind the store according to the police. Manager then showed police surveillance video footage which shows that three feet grabbed three T bone steaks and shoved them. Down his pants and amazingly got away. What do you have to do to meet I'll. To raise suspicion eagerly await when I go through the grocery store I'm I'm so disinterested and everything went what do you do who did some of play they. They're going to be about not exactly and I am not exactly on the Lam. But. Closed up. Where it was it was an 8449990. A lawyer calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. True. Coming up around the profile little of that right after hearing Intel's with a shot of the day in the meantime it is our random question question 844999. All Omar comments coming our way sun can read I guess you have this amount I should be a federal hall looks there's a guy would call big Fuzzy or something but. Terrorizing bush big bush. Somewhat but terrorizing his property taxes finally went out there and and took that thing out and we'll look forward to fifty panel today called on the bush beats the bush are not that. And you wonder like can he even when would he do after that so these are some of the comments came in the first one says guys you cannot eat Ferrell hogs. Then and only carry up to two dozen harmful diseases to humans. That's followed by wild alls like government the best pulled pork bacon you've ever read a lot of our share followed by no federal hogs are not a great very gaming takes number eight centimeter bacon off of them and you cannot beat her on now let's say one yeah I. To a split and I read your article I was like here's a six myths about a mentally you can eat. Busy like getting you gotta cook at the right way in just thinks it basically gets a pork chops and sausage you know that you like. Am aren't I don't know if they're not friend friend you can eat anything they give you a little work and to make pastries and yes that's some of the scenes look from Brussels. Hello and welcome to the men's room. Oh good. Analog and ran question question when we got here for you this seems like pretty good. Okay now would you say that your dad embarrasses you or has embarrassed you. Opt. I am. Why didn't get it right. Re my blade on it. They are. Not. Your. Phone is breaking up yes and a yeah. Barely. Is illness or not we're out. Or this sounds Michael B. We've all raise our damp it down. Yet now talk and reason you think that I will tell you got a lot do I get a phone with him but I don't know the type OK got you gotta get up now. And I can't I can't yeah yeah it. Did you alliances one alliger. They go through the catalog just pick one. My telephone conference what is our three. You've heard the stories legendary stories legendary by phone but all of them are kind of this that he my feet. It's yeah. I mean I don't know too simple ones is like you would you go to tailgate and Maryland football game with a might remember the old school by. Coaching shorts Ilya but he still wears polyester with a double button. Yes he still wears those he still policy is is black ten issues come on and any talks of me and he wears his pants very high it's almost like. At some point viewers demands they do we have a coach from the seventies here. Okay and yet they're calling ministers that. Oh the other good one was from when he well when he was code 21 couple years he coached for my baseball teams. They took me embarrass the team into the woods said dropping branch on how to put on stir up some. Thank you and you don't tell us the truth truly embarrassing perhaps a fifth. The prisoner as does your dad embarrass you a new survey found that quote to dad's dancing officially begins at what age you be in the dead dancing. Put me at the age in our kids perceive it or hourly I'm not sure what Doug our kids about brought about eight or nine I think they realize that you're not it's your age as far as being the day as well when is your age is 35. 37. A year if your dad be dancing star some bears you're round aged thirteen if you're kidding continues to embarrass you for the next seventeen years. Around age thirty you stop being embarrassed and start to think it's endearing. A third of the people by the way so that their dad thinks he's a really good dancer. But 37% of an embarrassed by the dance moves and thirty think he's dance badly on purpose just to embarrass them. I don't live my dad's the worst dancer but I have been a wedding with the DJ was like cut back got off my own home run he hasn't had a drink in twenty years if it's according to the survey dancing is only beef fourth most embarrassing thing that dads do the top three are telling bad jokes yeah dressing with no style. And stinking up the bathroom because they. The an idea what the top. And dad dancing songs are. I'm gonna have no idea man you can dance. Lady in red by Christa aren't too narrow Waterloo from Alba you sexy thing by hot chocolate and stay in line by the each case. Well this wedding played yeah pretty much it goes on do not exist outside whether you're brand. Dom brown okay crazy dad danced until etc. but I later. It's a white dad you're not feeling opinion that's the way Americans they wouldn't quite dead but. But he did it DJ only if they come one day if you don't like obviously hook when I DJ weddings they give him booze and what these people today that says it like he was OK you made up. Dry wedding man on the floor and see if there's a group you'll rarely do you think it's generally not going to be the white dad's. Hello Jerry is welcome to the men's room all I thought I. Daryn our event. And do you do don't go right. I Jared let's see here ran a question question your driver regular car. I do all right our question what did you hit with your car. Oh boy. This was probably. All as early nineteen years old knows somebody. First vacation home from the navy and I was. Barring the parents car. And I had a girlfriend the car and she was checking the undercarriage and I got to root site didn't. Would you like our current hit another car CNN mainline break. Yeah yeah yeah. Saddam might bite your dog Auburn remained busy battle has been my fear man. Where the me it wasn't that quite that bad but yes definitely what it was a cinch down. Whole manner and I what did you hit. In another car hit it didn't hit it if if the so any of them delivered a new junk does anyone tell the truth of the story at the time to a police saw the soared to a apparent to anybody really how long do. As this secret pretty well Allstate safe between you and the other party involved up until this point. Yes and it's it doesn't the most hilarious part about it my parents are devout Mormon so I wrote to tell them that I was doing something like that their car. Gloria how long how long after that how long did it take for your views to stop making. After the shaking and everything. There are a couple hours Aaron and we're gonna Carlos. Everybody or course. OK and so does the probe the mellow and happy and explore and if there. Was an expedition. Out go out there had to have before now I have an epic that's always like one of those fears like ransom was hoping you'll play that you're driving you get and actually eroded Joss snapshot. Does something really I'm willing to take guys didn't they are not willing to take the chance I'd say it's on the back of my miles I need to get a car coming their number one reason I asked and Steve you'll you'll do this will be a weird one for you by the way. What do you would your car. They say the Dr. Phil will the doctor I had nargis hit my mustache wants is pulling out of a parking lot and he was trying to get around it vandals in front. But would then he hit a skate boarder in the crosswalk here. Filled checked on the guy who said he was fine they went on the way the witness reported the accident so police found the skate boarder and when they checked out on. He suddenly had a shoulder and leg injury many did I've threatened to sue saying Dr. Phil ran a stop sign and was in the wrong lane and that's. He's now missing work dude it was injuries. Fills people say he's willing to cooperate fully with police on their end of the investigation gluten. You saw the kind of skate boarder hitching liberty that. Death a couple of months ago my whatnot I didn't see the accident look the way I sought. Of all the homeless do good he is he's gotta slouch over British walking on a dragon is leg which. In downtown in the main city it's not that unusual right Madonna believe me and indeed just asked me. A man that spark of singer got another cigarette might. Yeah dude having let me ask you suddenly okay so right now man. This guy hit my car right why it is a guy right there there's always people on wheels on the street tunnel look at what do so good by Kyra that. And not you thought of all call mama one side and called my mobile and so I'm up I'm leaving on your own but top. The people that actually saw the accident wanna start walking across the street over cricket apparently what you did not care secondly go to work like you care now because iced. In or make you saw him get hit by car no American if they lose weight across the street. The keys described as being the right by a car bleeding like stumbling across the street and stumbling just a real slow kind of drag was host. And by being hit by the car was just wave the guy out like the guy who hit it probably didn't take off and leave the scene. I think the guy just checked on amusing undated do on diamonds where I did that apartment I and ultimately and a that I will all drill lake and the other people there thriller for people who stay out call there but basically yeah we saw late in the view Forbes com animal ones that Jesus or when you're on the rundown friends comrades. Friends who owe. The Democrats hello Graham welcome to the men's room. Hello I. Hired Riley is diva anywhere bordering on the other side. Brian are younger. Is there anything that you would say is paranormal that you believe it. I. Would say. Basically there's like ghost is just maybe not lights and he laced white sheet goes but it. And it's some weird stuff my family album was good enough material. Dads are not official white sheet goes myself. I own reasons for that I am you know. Bathroom real scary guys back when we you're in now and back earlier in the Baltimore area there so many old historical buildings and they all have these ghost tales within so there's like a lot of people who say they've had you know encounters with goes on the East Coast for sure. Yeah. You like to Dole's I don't know I like your news out of a bad crowd but like. Mariano. And when you are really only. He might have been have been murdered he was recording. Artists do you see our actually. And he's been murdered this isn't so until years later. I'm Greg you never mattered before. He was like you're two or three in the diaper change downstairs like the French toast and he was like boy that seriously it's uncle day though David and my my uncle was pretty used to see who the candidate number matter the Warren is why do you think boy got him talking to him and nobody. Saw like it was close situations where you absolutely know that that's where. I don't know Bobby Covert ever freaked out. These mixed and yeah last track predators. Yeah that's crazy that is a little hurt you know and I do gorgeous Iron Man maybe ghosts exist maybe they don't the idea ball's going to live this ridiculous however that said. For my daughter's first Christmas shoes just about six weeks old by the time Christmas shows about. One lead if you hadn't city under the tree this Christmas Eve it's so she's asleep just into the Christmas exist really but. I'm watching TV. And some kind of all remember what it is and whatnot that's a store it's not take you right spent. One of one of my thought is good Christians and I nothing else to watch right. So one of those is on but I got a glance over Colbert Gibson I'm just having his moment as a new parent Mike Mandel made my kids first Christmas isn't this Koroma and all the crap under their Anders is Teddy bears and this. I almost cut the spending thing beliefs in me and I mean play in my mind. And understood on the silver star in Baghdad and now realizes they're manhandled like that could blink for wrinkles soul arm and a stared down to sleep late the agreement let's look at. I don't come free dives and what's can't be right so I was uncertain and it its jaws stared back at me because that's what stuffed animals do. Assorted others got him we wouldn't assume he did and I'm like all right I'm not always dabbling double loads okay well. Yes I did not know this at all because. Under normal circumstances it just looks like a normal Teddy bear and resume in him and I got same thing week to me a second time boy. If I'm gonna have to move like I'm not I'm not okay with what's going on so this mayor's house while he is you have to that we regulatory and owning movies are stuffed animal all that but I heed to the sleep so much did not matter. Were my daughter would leave this thing and I I knew would have legalized but I. 10 please I just felt like the matter worse she put this thing is she's little kid. Somehow we're on camera point it is glaring at me yet so original in a room and put it back priest who endorsed Aaron of course I wanna believe and a giant sea creature. And you blow a legal one well we always look it doesn't matter what they played like there aren't that bad air down there Perez that they haven't found I had figured out there what do you picture and boy did we start and you know life but verify comic remarks I mean I thought of elegant old dinosaur down there big old you know as you say you wanted to be a giant crap anything anything at this past Saturday night had a crack and I gonna whenever in doubt I think of all the votes that have been lost in the groceries and anything and maybe just one day of an eight about you cling onto that's so does a love like that I think he's right to resist the ocean we don't know what it's all been out isn't good it's just the matter of fact missiles which late. They keep going down a little forum and they do find new life generously to string together so they look big like I want to log on as Marleau to derail you are straight out monster and I knew I yeah right. Like monster yeah I was on the final monster that we should not have like my god they bring in the yellow big big phone we're not gonna call the North American ape if we find this big hook you up and take him into this game. Cheeks as. If you trust me they're gonna not be classified as thing imploded zoo as we you know what do you do aren't safe our debate for right we would certainly it stepped we got a beef jerky deliberately need to do. Here's bigfoot assigned to command the say this is what it is they do the test its. Whatever kind of prime it'd like to meet that would suck away anything interesting about bigfoot after Jack I think he would kill right away. There was there was more out there like here's dead bigfoot it yet and want to say is in over the North American monkey man relate moments. Now's not amounts announces the fate. Later not 75% of Americans believe in at least one paranormal things. And 5% basically believe and every possible colonel phenomenal sigh of phenomenon if you. I'll give you the scenario you tell if you believe it or not Fahrenheit bigfoot is real. Short yeah I Q I don't know if it's up somewhat and I want I want Alley but I believe it I wanna believe are some things it normally that show our aren't. Psychics can see the future now I don't believe that. Yeah now that's a tough one and ten. Some people have telling Connecticut abilities and to move objects whether mine on the force. I think that maybe I don't I don't I don't know how we're I don't know what they've done so many experiments and tests we continued to you'd think maybe something never waste a moment money study and do you believe that aliens have visited earth in modern times. I do yeah. The kind of operated near upon I don't know what it was I don't know what it wasn't. It's all based on the body of evidence I've seen that triumphs thing we'll continue those ads that is my only issue with the aliens is just. By this time with with the cameras and where I just feel like we see a better. Aren't video one thought aliens and visited earth in ancient times the road I agree with that prepare medalist got. Places can be haunted by spirits are goals do you believe that yes sure 52% of Americans believe that. And do you believe a lost ancient civilizations like Atlantis and that they once existed. There are commonly found out it's just not magical but yes in the meantime mystical it's I give this little thing is they land and underwater let's let me it's like looking. It's some of these things are these things but the manual cover truth about it it's. It's cool you freed up the mystery but in the end it's not an underwater city it's a city that insisted that the longer getting flooded right. Google we were growing up the sales angle and Atlantis right was. No no this was the city underwater right at the man from rentals like if you live in brick in Atlanta your water person not. Hey here is a city memory flooded remark while it's not that's not magical out pretty awful play it's like Moses right. When he's leading the Jews out and he Janet do you apart the Red Sea elites have been exciting to be Collins probably on a sandbar and I'm here to walk across. Criticize oil and I don't remember the Romans are like days behind definitely think it's not as exciting it's more like he just parred it got through one hour show you don't like the Romans were 100 yards behind Missouri chancellor collecting sea shells was seabees going with. And they have been. Well I don't anticompetitive. I'm all got to Baird about it you don't watch whatever parliament. Radicalized in question made far far 9990. We've got more your calls on the way also still to come your guess is good as my today's categories. Rats around the United States and the Internet more vehicles going up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you see you. It's true self and your chances is gonna fly categories there'll be rats around the United States and the Internet your guess is designed coming up Braintree melts the men's room and men's or my doc. Brenda Brenda aren't pleasant question 84499911. And unload fuel do you welcome to the men's room. Act. All tag and very placated drag out by lucky here yeah I think that's the Sox do us hi Silvio ago. Eight OK okay. What do you think you visited this gonna make your brain work overtime. What do you think would be your. Spirit animal. Flash area animal that thing about how you are what animal would best caption yes smoky the bear. I do it Watergate like attic jaguar did you I night I mean everybody would want me. I call you enjoy about the world being a jaguar. It. That I could beat killing. Grinding. Being traded being a Rottweiler. So old silly you don't know anything that I didn't hate that. I'd feel would you you'd use that detail. Are what they call a farm to table an informed that they aren't they are very close jaguar is about oil that's out detail that's the only. It. K speaking out of jaguars or attack an hour right now I gotta ask her scores get a land. Well and Donald Trump kick up this strike and he sat the bride and and and sitting behind him and snapped. Have you ever seen the movie loosely. We urge you to weigh in first though it's a big huge Korean guys because got to get there. No I missed that will do what I've seen the movie and I don't recall this. All mad that is so cool because you could feed back and feed them. Kitten behind Donald Trump and they're just like the top and then. You've ever had a son Ryan and Michael good Maria do senator Coleman have to Lucy. Out okay glues you firmly planet of the apes well planned yeah. Allude eight whip. It's about like some little government engineered little girl that's a guy named killing machine right now the look yeah he's not when I'm all this. Our curry and curry had double. It made your brain go to a 100%. Wool merger brings out right now would you say on the percentage scale. Well. Like if metadata Siena remind you don't want to forget messages there again there's you know you are due jaguars Eurasian. What I am I guess is that like we're talking about now jaguar flight guy tends to run him. Let's live a career newsrooms where indicate Lucy's that's in the movie loosen my I don't see the can make him a jaguars. In a hundred times jaguar gets knocked the animal would have guessed for Kirk or Kirk no no it's not mantle at the pearl what appeals to killing. While that's what you met with Julie Ronnie if you live with Kelly what is wrong with reason we have what do you think would be your us feared animals this guy and cantor wrote his name is Lou cold so he was doing one of those a taste of country one last question videos really I don't interview with people. And I asked him about stuff what's your day go to karaoke saudis a man I feel like a woman that's tonight when I. Annie's and his spirit animal would be Garth Brooks who. It is random right. We're having here and a friend rather than an individual who has zero dollars and was cleared them all while plus. Random hello Trevor welcome to the men's room. The big Joseph now. Oh yeah. They're following Sylvia many generations good luck today. Titled don't look look there's crazy question. What are your thoughts. On having a threesome what are your thoughts on having a three. Pretty sure thoughts on having it treat that as a state that any guys study done having a pretty good. Don't wanna put it ultimately you alluded to limit your body in Europe. You know are now I don't know I don't. Look Italy best there's a really really really do. Hi Jake if you really really really wanna obsessed with him for whatever reason. Your buddy is the one looks like he's going to go Thermage she says to him she says I'm going home do and lets you bring cover along as well. Blood that played Seattle looking at it from the perspective. You know you're in a relationship but there's something there to get that then. EE got to take one for the team out of Zack replies how old are you. One you are in now. Nearly perfect window according to a study to pull this off you are in that the target rich environment you are if you're playing the range game on prices right is when you wanna hit the blood inside that most likely to have a threesome lose. Right in that realm that's if you don't do your limo so it out you know I eat food do you know pressure body but it you're gonna get it done it's got to be done in the next couple years wasn't gonna do it. Still well equipped. On YouTube he doesn't really. Rely on quit school at the pick at you mean you've had plenty of practice. It okay he means he is really good male friend does this mean it's it's it's. The reason I ask what are your thoughts and having a threesome believe it or not there's a lot of new studies that are being done about the world of the united club and as usual Hamas well their actual scientific study regularly Skid Row raw data dollar figure out like. Oh it's gonna look up. Saw a news survey out of the university of New Brunswick Canada asked a bunch of people what they thought about three Simpson here's what they found me I mean why people love the idea of getting it now with two people who want sure. But the fact of the matter are the college kids are more open to it than people in other generations that is the window between the ages of eight. Teen she's 23 figure branding teams seem like when he three O'Malley can. But there are either too lazy or too scared to actually try to have one. Only 13% of people last had been involved in a threesome. Now men. Really prefer the ideas that could face America and I knocked over having. One with a woman and another man Lloyd Dallara is that and finally women strongly prefer the idea of having a third person like aquarium. They cannot be someone they knew real well. In the third person a brand and they got to know them very well not a stranger notifying either way there this aircraft. Ran a question question 84499. Oh no that again is continues on the men's room radio network.