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Tuesday, September 19th

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This is the men's room. The result is standing by for another game profiles are not right now a 44999. A little play profile that's coming up being minutes. We are your headlines Illinois one hour from now the first quick check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out on a 45 year old man in Florida was arrested for misusing 911 after he called from the ER and ask for an ambulance to take him to a different hospital. Apparently he was just sick of waiting. We all that's got seeded. You were you looking Domino's Tucson my house we'll see what what he knew Emanuel one who generals who. It's equipment I think they're better for the death drama. This hospital who by the way has gotten about it and as it oh yeah yeah it's not great but it's better than what it used to be in the housing salmon have seen all countries to try imminent death. Until years ago my sister and eating disorder refused to meet frank and she had to be hospitalized for a few months and finally beat they got a watcher and make sure she eats. Don't we go visit there. I think demonstrators in court John Cook who put in another there's actually no never she appeared receivable need from them and a camera from archer had a lengthy. Floyd getting up at the fifth. They have a hospital food was good at their mercy I don't know that act. It if the right someone asked a bunch of experts what would happen if everyone on earth suddenly lost their sex drive. Basically this it would still have sex reproduced but it might tank the global economy because the population plummets. And who would buy things like sixty close few products or anything I met anyone I've. Yeah and I really spread the gym memberships go back home may go products are being sold like yeah yeah yeah because. Obviously people want portable look good when we don't know that but inevitably the reason you want to look good of the did you want people to find you attractive candidate that's why you shave up way normally stay in the foot people drove smelled good and so if you don't have such struck. Look there's a reason why don't you get married about themselves go right. Record the reason why women don't they and when Obama rarely shave my legs because record your shoulder legs and so. It's all understood the reason we use deodorant I am I mean that it's just that easy yeah yeah sex drive almost all of us not go by the wayside. Doesn't care well would have stains in your shirts anymore here and sure enough you know I didn't do it affects sports. It just be slow and like people cares much about sports and what he's competitive and you're trying to impress on the probably wouldn't go to Vegas and party afterwards or maybe you would. Found on the prisoner would be no strip clubs anymore if you didn't have sex to focus on the would you then focused more on your health and when I'm taken as far gym memberships and eating properly and whatnot you know then you're just focused on overall health and I would out of wonder if you would actually improve. I would have a sex get a Max we'll go ahead. I withdraw on this front if there is they know sex like I'd be back over 350 and. I mean I went rather right now he's only a few Illinois people would do something nobody wants to die you see you dude you can keep. Your health in check but I think most people do that for the most part but I do not believe. Under any circumstance we were tried to be healthier he could imagine even have a penis is basically the same thing. There are right there inside the united users at such a sec I'm very pretty shrewd player who retired military matters let alone if they're. A forty year old man in Florida was arrested for trying to steal a generator that was being used to keep the traffic light working after hurricane Irma come on man I mean I kind of get a position of the things that bad. Right you know because obviously he's just trying to end. Keep his stuff on might even be is is refrigerator. Or some like bad. But I like that helicopter was true yeah I thought I don't manage it blue Obama went so well there whole studio literally an ugly day you probably don't put them like that I minimally left me. Well I don't know how you play a turnaround look behind Mike I don't think I. If you can best go quotes of the bill Elliot out as you do it because it's durable but funny I don't know oil and but it is very anyway death guys delay guys solidarity. Bad things they'll do the people's wrong I didn't put on generated just from traffic. Again I think right. Yielding they would go to stopped stuff like methods come on now is something like c'mon man. And who's driving right now. Did you use traffic like the except look at c'mon man there's nothing that none I don't think any of the roads are clear yet for me and saying come on us. Soundly unknown governor Yemen and it's not drill is dot com posted a list of their picks for the best dive bar in every state. Nice Yemen player via IP act well I want to but I'm right after I. I would still want a New York Oklahoma. Missouri and Louisiana. Yeah I'm now organized I got to count my eye on the other walked right into it acts of terrorists on the I tried to ten a little bit but he's I think I'm in Oklahoma I don't have a more Brian Williams for the worst bar in every state are you looking dialogue as the best dive bar. So cars are just diving and soc. Right some of homo like a good dive bar they've got what it did jukebox or it's got elected video games miles found a close by dive bar to your house and I don't know. Have you been there yet. Which one's the one I found by your house no hard evidence not all the go right outside a couple blocks away from work. All I doubt I recommended that to a gas turns out that yeah yeah. It's hard to explain that place man it is it's it's a relic like they were down and really it was like stepping back in time. Yeah food questionable fit if it is it's very good my real question doesn't like you might get hepatitis just because you said Darryl welcome our school idea rattled poisoning that was described bars like that to people I go hey listen man. It's a bar you go to get drunk. I know the reason that's there no that really is is that the definition of the dive bars is to bar the you're going to truly for drinks. Well probably the title bar but this is a bar you go to get drunk suicidal for page menu and yet I believe people eat it right. I'm loses. This is the place where most people and there are there just waiting to die from my guess is since you get just the look of a Norman says down whose Wesley Jesus current. As if it's almost like a little piece to Reno. If the opportunity to read. There's a reason I'm not organ on this one says Toys 'R' Us could file for bankruptcy op. C'mon man from what I understand a news has changed already. Kris didn't didn't they already filed for bankruptcy oh yeah yeah this has that they could have de athlete has jazzman. Yes yes jeopardy mullah. As it was my favorite place is a kid manner and get the Toys 'R' Us even as an adult let you probably haven't you wondered through a toy store but it's always a good time yeah they are great perfume business only dropped off a ballet and I'd go run around Toys 'R' Us for an hour until they were I was in Rio and the entire time there. Yes ma'am I can remember were the one closest one was to it was a big deal didn't. There was other toy stores as Toys 'R' Us what are the remain all right well well look look look look look at the but when having the Christmas time for the boxes that are out front they'll say the same thing. Amazon actually this is the beginning this is just the beginning July and I think the wall much of the world kinda with those massive toy section I of this. But I will say this on behalf of almost any parent. The place you hate taking your kid most. Is before controllers. So I I get how Amazon I met like look ram memory get this thing for the kids but we're not we take into the doors gore. For him to free the F falcon or must everything else like that's definitely am of the anywhere else whatever the select targets remain things do they have some doors for. I've been to a Toy Story once with each kid and thought I don't ever want to do just that petition that it's things changed man. A 28 year old man in Florida got to rest of her public intoxication after he's doled bacon off from someone's played at a Waffle House. Bomb man dead okay. Don't do that if he got arrested for that be arrested and believe they don't steal vegan from another man and a public intoxication now know that I should be a bacon lost my sister. Stole. Part of it do its key safety yeah col one restaurant guests in a bar that I frequent often oh involve them. Us just what I got aren't with Chile's drunk. She's blacked out for good all my go to the guy didn't. Well he was in shock. My cousin has heard this story like he's a super fitness guy is a big deal he's gonna eat this oh regular gas could she just snags one. And he's all right when he gets it too late she's late in the guy just goes did you really just do that Jesus didn't really Smart actually again according I don't know. Okay. All all know now that I know that they still locked up it is good that they that they have you gone back and there's as close shore. Apologize to totally yeah yeah just it wasn't her wait staff that he's screwed over it was the yeah yeah he had caused an uproar off. That she was related to beef. And cook can read whatever the bartenders nearly was that related to my. Maybe he was about pebble sort of common than that ripple. Affects everybody bigger if you've got a guy had a conversation that we could tell it we found that was your sister who didn't kick her out of it next time get your. It's Aaron and finally you'll never believe what was the argument toilet and a handful of Switzerland restaurants. Painful tale about a one hour from now you are not Ritter had I had done a one hour for now but first the game has. Precepts. It prohibitively start to learn how profile this. Is playing as your ten miles it's as simple game where reached their review real live news story. Something that happened right here her. On planet earth hurt poor and if you listen to the story based on the stump you tonight. You only the people and the decisions that people make less would it is you think makes the story a story hello Max welcome to the men's room. Oh that's all oh wow I may have been others knew James Blake. So you tell you fantastic here is his story a thirty year old man who recently opened an auto body shop in Pueblo Colorado. And he decided to name his business do your 60 supposed to be a dumb way I'm words from the and that it was not a play on words because before you open plays he'd actually spent time in jail for three felony drug convictions. And it turned out he was using the business as a cover to sell large amounts of meth cocaine and heroin. I'm a quick side note if you're gonna use something as a cover for your drug business probably don't name it did your fixed. I say this because some of the FBI was keeping an eye on him. They saw the name of the business. Realized what it actually meant so let's settle this thing an undercover agent Mossad broken guy back in March. And gather more evidence for another five months finally arrested him a couple of weeks ago it's raising up to ten years in federal prison. Do you believe this enterprising drug dealer is black and white Maxine or he's. Well I think I'm telling you need more I just turned sixteen does not count includes all that stuff end. Yeah they do some fault I don't know it just seemed quite nonwhite people get whose public relations consultant things. I think the guys Mexicans because he owns an auto body shop. Don't know always Carter shot up. As he runs a drug company much brightly on the heels aren't there any other remember madness you know can fix your car the primary belief that we cannot only have a marijuana is legal in the state of Colorado CC how this all shakes down. You know the date and Boston's Brandon marijuana because of that's legally doesn't sell anymore because the other stuff is still only to his auto shop. With all brought your spiritual future runs. Four and selling cocaine meth. And those who don't go meth and heroin now path took the auto body front is huge for every culture of tanks and S yeah that's your. I don't know man feels kind of white to me pins and he had to put in like the little. Funny little ploy. You know Brett what's on map out exactly would run out of time leaving your final and are going to be here why are real life why finalize it won't find out if he was black white Maxi or Asia next. That was a tease you are listening to the men's or radio network. Israel wins my. The hottest days of the Colorado and businessman who opened up their car pair blessed. Uncle Doug get a fix. I did your thinking your. It turns out you go on as he was doing more than his repairing cars he had hold them via drugs you look okay you want to hear on you want to mess he's got bad breath and he got lost and you fix your car as well the map we ask you do you believe this guy was black and white makes you or Asian and you Wear white and very and MM you love both racial consultants agree. Now months ago Mexicans are nicely didn't Sox a team white Matthew says white head used to wash. Aaron. I have little loud grew up moderately. Turned mostly in check make sitcom home on Pueblo Colorado in Oregon Obama Colorado entered into white or makes me. You're just seemed like such a blatant crime right give your bigs. You've been indicted on three drug related felonies so nothing else when you just made it something and I just really wanted to be to rain might feuds and the most Lexus. You alerted that your hope that my videos all you transmit it's. Now crawled even without Saddam Jimmy Dowd day. Countless hours in front of a talking again though. Presents. Yeah. All the again. I think a lot of movies correct. I mean short and I totally limited OK so let's say they're gonna make a movie villain miles and thrilled to star in it. What's one thing you would put in that I can't I'm gonna be an actor in a movie. I need this kind of scene older Willis I seen some time right yeah you won a sexy starlet are. Now are you guys know with miles but I think the collar work out and get ready there that that was a brother about it but you guys severe with rapper actor teaming. And Romania. I these pretty famous what do you I know him now from his music he was on. With Trevor Noah. And they were talking he was talking about how he's in the movie spring breakers spoken to some people don't know is music but only known from that. There was a sixteen and a very funny story ripped. Is a win that some people do not know you as a rap but apple is usually in the spring break is yet. Isn't really got a lot more to do well a lot of privileges and I'm from spring break it was a huge trail from right. It was a big film and one of the story you talk about in the book that's insane as. You you fell asleep during a sex scene in that movie. Yes that is true. Like I need to understand how this comes to be. That what's happening in the scene that you like I'm I'm done with this house has rumor. Think he he he's not pull any punches are wiser than outsize you heard oh that's over the merger faced with dad is like every actually. That's a fair question rightly. How should fall asleep during a sexy just. And you guys are seen spring breakers now now all. It's a movie about spring break and right hot chicks to go on spring break and it's like Selena Gomez is an eight iron and then they go down there and they run in the likes of drug dealers and stuff and a bit. Yeah like you can imagine it's a moot because spring breakers it's pretty exciting seeing that he said auto marriage and 41 year old so yeah. Yeah but I mean how do you get an embolism from. Yeah I think that's happened to a decent hour people right puts it. Go to they were not have sex. I thronged I walls and the such a horrible story but. We are were were more India oral facilities if you will but I am drawn and pass our face down in it. And then and the woman I'm with at the time trying to be delicate to resplendent. Norman on what she has also pass a sigh we go the next morning dorsal roughly in the same position. Quick side note my morning breath was unbelievable. But I can go to work and this was before and wonders should groom themselves clean. So it looked like got a head butted an SOS spread. I had to hear her pubic hair in print on my forehead man and wanna go to work several consulate he. What is that. Everyone I told lay it all my government was reminded of why do you man. I was faced down a flight five hours and now there is her pubic hair imprint my forehand I'm not proud police up staring at me you know I'm also agree David Wells and. Make the assumption that Gucci mane get some pretty good we'd. Yeah so that that probably factors into it and the fact they probably want to relax before the scene all literal armies are gonna relax and to smoke a little sock and the way he's kind of laugh it off that I negligent he made his consider animus that just didn't know just got too hot and one thing you know about. The movie world loses that you do a lot of sitting around and waiting so is probably supposed to shoot that scene like four hours ago is still there waiting around me and ignite you know I use just like when we're gonna do this yeah. He's got some nice duty to me. Now and make them minorities and I would every idea that they act I've noticed this like I noticed it was athletes back and an ace and he was starting but you know I. Some rappers or singers it just easier to tell. When they get a whole new what do they columns in years or whatever and get all new teeth. 15% of the bill and AFLAC he's one he's famous right he's famous for I never realized it but they showed a picture of him for what Good Will Hunting the first movie we come Solomon. And he's got to Boston grilled lamb and you see Americans are to move restart guy and that Terrell Suggs from the ravens threw. Look I like the guys on the ravens fan or look ugly is on the midsummer his mouth he's been nothing but gums and I don't know what he did what he's got some fresh teeth in his. I would if I wasn't fortunate enough to have and that was a Dennis still an orthodontist and get a braces a kid. In my teeth with a sold it's the same way they were now what we're overdue look like. I just would look like I would be embraces right now because no matter what I take alone out there like look I'm I'm gonna give my defects there now you know like I knocked I'm gonna do this. But it is it is is crazy Saddam ECB will those new tee to distance comes out of nowhere and NAT to him. No I honestly thought I watched last thing I thought Gucci man known as a penny of my statement. So I started messer and her brother of the guy and as deep how much starting. Dwarfs really he spent twenty to thirty on his income but I Brett who was it similar rapidly city dropped. The town that is run my time against him and all you don't great back there Fella and low monthly Q okay good for any failure to prepare. If you don't do the best right on time are afraid to and he was put it in I think Dak. I feel that I'm gonna need a little more rather. You know whatever the gas from an irony is there's not a nerve left in there if you shouldn't be doing anything like yeah all right I do all the drugs and now feel like a real drug Democrat Jack thanks stack. It's good talking acts. Obviously everybody still talking about the Emmys a little bit do you think this year the Emmys. More watched than usual less watched than usual what do you think you think people tune didn't. It normally what you said it. I kept hearing musical reporters somewhat to football and I made to mount an all out check out some moment. And completely spaces based armed me. I'm saying fewer people I think more people than I think the passion finally I'm on Larry more shows like on Netflix and have people talk about there's the better programming out there but. They again this is on network TV another transfer over but I would have to think. This seems like people are talking about more shows there into now then I don't know a wild direct. But I this is I kind of think you do look for a trick question you're a dude she's your youth technically you're both right miles there was more people than last year. This year they had eleven point four million viewers. Which way is just above the all time low of last year of eleven point 3010. Boy took it but basically you just pick it flat. I just yet I'm here's the other thing as the world changes and stuff I don't feel that people care as much about watching. Rich actors receive more. I'm not sure that they do either I think a lot of Suez in orders or social media. A lot of east region the anticipation who's gonna win right like anything but now it. I can find out. And avoid got paper we want to tarmac if you care enough you want to know the show below your phone chart recorder consumed 21 I think you know it doesn't matter you don't have to want to won the thing about that was social media. Now as an Ehlers life all the live shows are now airline because you wanna put that stuff on the way you don't want a roll back and that's why you're on the West Coast. You watch three hour sometimes on a Sunday night of the worst programming unit ever seen in your life it's almost like they just. They wanna punish you with a worst crap they got. I you know what he showed your phone pole day and huge our job movie for two hours anything can be like the Sunday night ABC movie did you made up and to show spring breakers it's going to be better than the crap your pulling up. Yeah I'm finally back now they just the the ability to think the ability to watch sports in the morning on the West Coast. Now the ability to watch SNL at 830 on Saturday night I got its that is often that's an old man some very proud of Aaron Danielle and guys happen. Well even like I didn't even as old man of accountable when you live on the West Coast let's say your big college football fan like myself I'm. You can get up at 9 o'clock it's our watching game two you can watch basically all the games and still go out on Saturday night at a normal hour and 1130 you're watching San Diego State play around Fresno state almost 2:30 in the morning on the East Coast are still playing football great like I mean I think for a lot of times that was always kind of the issue really simply the pac twelve. Fueled in respect him as much originally wasn't ready for a tomorrow with a midnight to go to work right now you don't really we have to go to work. Also Mason police let's go to Monday Night Football audience on this unveils their. Sunday night I think is the room. The Sunday night kick off because when you do got to get up go to work on Monday when Monday's vote. Easy you know like I think mentally just kind of knows money and affable also there all the eyes are on you even that's not really the theory anymore policeman they better. If you live in a city where meg games going to be in your town product have to then I authored automobiles but at least Monday okay Blake the Sunday night did you go may be a good time every team wins big but. Neither does regular Monday. And it's just Monday it has gone up Don the selling about Monday also that says like I can't really drink a lot because it's Monday senate Democrats still awake. And we do. To get up monitor all gone. Yeah I am fat I was and also well is there one thing about the way they do this crap now I'm so happy there playing all the so Mosley they've given up on the Thursday night game like. Because every team has to play writes so as I would let me show all the bad games first in the maybe by the end of the year we'll get some good. No flex a little bit. Yeah now just so. The third bush I mean are you sort of chiefs and patriots and obviously bad game that that is tomorrow at not a Thursday night game I think the national kickoff tonight right and no restaurants I like the gorge bush bat for the Brooklyn Bennett was what Houston and. If Jackson Boone you mean this is the game that or grand. Look even as a huge football Fran I don't give a flying up to watch this game. And it's the only game in town and I try to think they felt like look if it's on Sunday MW to be delusional if that's elements on network Google shall we highlights of other games like I can live with a better but Thursday night in my I think kind of things to do this Williams show and and I think there's a light still feels like cultural on iTunes. If you don't want to go and if it's the I have another pupil which sort of that hump like how many acres this government that might made you are stuck in bad there's no sentence you're ever not going to feel that. If there was any that was always the pulling back in the key right there is like high school football place Friday Saturday's college Sunday its approach and I was like all right Thursday night. That's for you college got a Virginia Tech against like he's care and they still wouldn't be a decent and. Exactly but I mean I did it last week like I was sitting at home doesn't really do run live now as college game on. There was somebody terrible but I still like it. Yet. Yeah her better facts. Speaking of sports and athletes did you guys grow up and anybody re like. I know you're an abandoned your teammates and was like man we're both gonna do great things. You are right in Seoul abandon. I miles Jenin but he played sports with your both play. They were gonna do great stuff I mean I knew that other players who do great things yeah I mean I don't think they're looking at me thinking the same thing to hit the ball and this isn't there where you only are new here you let me let us time anybody listening right now if you're you know even if you're currently a pro athlete baseless and and you think junior but you have done some stuff I got news for him. You haven't this is the greatest two friends of the world are Matthew Stafford is exactly and Kershaw. Ruin. You take your. Shepherds childhood buddy I. Dallas'. Buddies for a long time we played you. The other Kershaw. Jennifer show business and baseball. Gerchas the highest paid baseball players 33 million new rules for the Dodgers. It's made NFL players when. Yes what do you want your buddy do I mean I'm I've gotten better because I draw the line of scrimmage. I could just add so now do you shout outs you're buddies almighty god all did you hear it yeah you're talking about the Oakland thing Derek Karr hauled man Derek Carr of well that's how important this play is proving to be all right so I told the raiders are moving down the field Marshawn Lynch is on the field. There at the two yard shamans famously you can Marshawn Lynch he's he's been in this place before yep smell on the goal line. And car gets up to the line and calls an audible but that's the best part of an he calls an optimal. And the honorable that he screens. To his team to change the play is. Seattle. Seattle. Seattle says it three times then proceeds to throw fade the Michael Crabtree in the left corner of the end zone for a touchdown. The rental and give them are gonna run the ball right marshals gonna wind behind them he takes a look at the defense is Seattle Seattle Seattle and UC march unchanged position because they run into because what to pass instead of obvious we handed the ball at the want your goddamn yards outright to do is going on my god man that's that's cool back to trolling for a it. Yet that's tough fan that this. Physical movement and Spezza wow. That's a stinger and every one you'll understood we'll Gumbel was in the but that was my thought wait a bumbling defense against them. Like oh it's going to be a passing them once under dirt cars were in Seattle late every one in football knows what that means of that moment went. We're not going to do the obvious rom. We're Laura Bush is amazing we're gonna offend right there they did was I don't and an Israeli guy was caramel like five foot nine and he's six foot three but. And tractors yeah I mean obviously gonna man up on that guy just throw jump ball. There but it's always Cypriot that it has an axle on neutral job Aaliyah rightly that was named after them they famously didn't win it let's not on the obviously. Yes well in the microphones gotten that much better but you can others all I was always a boom one of those things. Down by the end zone so those big disks that you see knows her ball Mike did you know but I never feel like until Peyton Manning with the overhaul stuff that it really ever stick out to. I think maybe they concentrate on a more ma'am does Peyton Manning it'll early in his career when he started go amounts of people focused on it all the time. And yeah it's in my people had some passive ventures so I think they might even at the apple doesn't stop or whoever is parabolic Mike like look. People on the scrap the governor inaudible and then also it helps the broadcasters so. When the players Don Nelson white columns were gonna swing hey when he said whatever it is he sent explain we'll be just enter into colorful language a smoker are always news as well. And yeah you're also on the other Q. Well my choice for him to broadcasting NFL all the stuff but does in the patriots a Tony Romo did that game yeah. Tony Romo there I could he do his job for Smart broadcasting job he was put into the number one booze position run the network. But we're casino Andrea says India and it that he finally took newsreels and stills and John yet try to most people were like well never. But Tony Romo and the reason I spent the whole offseason thinking he was taking threatened shop he is like he's explaining at the end of the game YR Korman why the patriots are blitzing when they're up this much we like look statistically what this shows is that when you go how many times does this team blitzing you break down all these numbers on the stuff like. Militaries just Massa with the numbers he's he's and he explained it away were like even as a football fans someone that I think that I have a basic grasp of the game Mike. Never knew I don't even know who ran out while that's really he's Smart he's like all these coaches Smart. Romo's Maher for call amount like I'm like wow this is this is real football knowledge years ago. Yeah and rolling put himself in to like announcing boot camp I wanna say I heard over the season whatever it seems and I'm gonna get really good at it I eat. Lou yes I get through the day I think it was fun for people around the country if you're not a cowboys' fan it was kind of laugh at like. And then showing up short in the play offs are sure or whatever like this but I mean it. It's like Tony romo's an unlikable canal morals and Lou I'm joining and I got one of those people to lose a caddie such a choke artists as an apple would you go back and look at his stats. It's actually a very good player right. That he would be you get it done when he needed to dismantle and all the if the new Roseanne show is coming back out. Let's right. So I guess a religious group called one million moms they would a boycott it because crews in and day and we'll have a nine year old grandson who's junior. Gender. Creative. Gender creator of so well all I god dude all right oh god that's really cnet's that's tang you it is minute that is just in things the eyes. Okay what did you he'd do differently that room with. No good to let sheik Ali yeah probably better I love water now mailman that was just hurt me down my outdoor benefit color to doing Carlson inimitable way Hewitt here desperately he got darker. There aren't going to release the storm we finally just go to break I know what he ate earlier in their delicious. Totally eat the pros that is the segment up the month. The pros 31. Mostly pro tour. I'm not shocked kisses app and it kind of like my back above page triple meat is bullish chapter article. I don't know that there needs more panic so boring and ethnic groups already dead where Brazil very all right we got your headlines and they're our ally cock you are listening to the men's or radio network. Re tired Swiss miles. No let's see what's happening in the real world torn area of real underwear out six non bridesmaids Wear the exact same dress to a wedding. And Arizona and somehow shocked that he got bit by the rattlesnake that he was that. Her eyebrows around that is very good passenger invades her arm rest phrase they road rage video shows Oklahoma felony way to unite all over the place. And in Switzerland or toilets clogged. My 120000. Dollars in cash it is time for your headlines. It's Sunday it's. Here's my car I'm. Artificial and authorities are trying to track down a source of a 120000. Dollars worth of 500 Euro banknotes shoved into toilets of three different restaurants. That's so annoying to me. Rice and I guess is that a crime do flush money you know what is now losing isn't that the authorities don't know why the bills are the toilets but they are trying to find out. Where they came from and whether a crime was committed because. The reason was anointed because people who just flush a 120 grainy Candice this is my point how much extra money do you have. If Africa runner as the I don't live with Switzerland Switzerland. I mean people are famous for Swiss bank account they were just some guy like screw it will flush money whilst it looked like some of them had been tough with scissors. Which I don't know why that makes it better probably just easier to flash. We'll begin with your motivation the flow 420000. Dollars on the toilet man. I am maybe it was a really rich guy trying to prove some news hit it knows crazy flight Wi working people who want to enforce the proof. Thurman at flushing a 140000 dollars you can get through before they employ a lot of improvement don't flush away five or 120 grand per. They're good on. I around the world and Australia phenomenon of the infinite odds occurred at a wedding in Sydney. We've all heard of two women showing up to a party wearing the exact same thing but in this case. Six women were wearing the exact same 120 dollar dress all friends shop at the same store trying to make he had these little more now bridesmaids north and they plans and advance did just happened completely by chance I think it's hilarious enough. And he looked it is they think that must've been some kind of crazy deal mistress could sing like women. It's some of them didn't know each other so no more brides of homer broom and overall worry dressed it'll be it'll go to weddings and and I get busy you try to look decent one out of respect for the bridegroom obviously but. If they would try to look good and now that you are dressed exactly like five little people. Now you know everyone's judging through which one it was I was away once and all the guys are tuxedos or all of us is an original here point out here no imagination where incidentally which of delays got to stay in the dress slim but yesterday the change hopefully tell them why wasn't this. If there's two of you those dresses and that's offered. But there's six that you now 2000 Barnett now a Florida again. Our men and Arizona has claimed that he is finally learned his lesson after being bitten by a snake for the second time in his life. The man was hosting a birthday party for his get one of them spotted a rattlesnake. He felt cool show in the kids had to catch the snake and posed for a handful of photos look the animal when he lost his grip and the snake bit him repeatedly on the neck and face. It turned to his friend and as a Russian the hospital where he was a debated in the dated for five days Jesus saw a man as good as. He's he was obviously John Apple's Steve Irwin saying he was innovative five days sounds like you pick of a baby. But maybe they don't know all the enemies you have yes. Now he said he got bit nothing had happened immediately when he led to his friends like yeah I gotta get to the hospital like right now. Because he knew exactly most of he'd been bitten by a little thing before I don't know death ardent gun battle of the on the street and you're gonna handle rattlesnakes in his head the anti venom in your house. Yeah I don't know they prescribe that out looking earlier drug dealers get like an eye development and the guys this stupid annoying when we don't normally do exist. I'm here give you an exile almost like herpes or if you're not a mark I don't think the players like him like in Australia that would be as common as an epi pen. Yeah I know Jayne demands this later I was out where the where was this guy though this guy early in Arizona or someone. Fouled yet dammit I'm its mix of stories here yet is an Arizona he gets bit by a snake and Australia he drops down on the floor right there. In my house they have an Australia. They'll just kill you by looking if you Sacramento not satisfy you few Asians on the rise and as a model for all look at the stakes are king snakes and early doesn't have an anti venom at your home and just just don't pick a month. And the only reason big and the Pacific editor that your fate would you want your when your kid going over to borrow all the snakes all the guys I I believe it's Arizona manhole plays the desert this makes no matter where you go there they're coveted take their beds for snakes before they go to bed at night from. That's freeware that fact. All that well test regulate those it's not that it's that bad. What they want to make sure tonight so I wouldn't you check your birth then I went back good to me I its growth android turn my back didn't always not that bad. A videos making the rounds on post a video making the rounds online is showing the route this of people on airplanes and the reactions of people that infects. The video shows a woman sitting in her seat with a disgusted look on her face as the pay camera then pans to the window area next to work. Revealing a pair of nasty ads feed kicked a bit invading her space and he has seen the video. Imus in the video I've seen a picture or not this one but someone who'd done before. It blows my mind but some of the solar cell phone away fear that in Philly guy named bare feet of Australia a service ducks sit on your lap them but your nasty as the other mile. Oh yeah. Well I am. The thing is that the first people are so hypersensitive about the space of they're taking up on a plane I mean it's rude to lean your chair back. Yes even though it's nothing at all and it really doesn't affect your space it's still an extreme instead they're taking away from Oregon that really are there's about more than at least government. Right easily okay. Up delegate get you don't have a lot of space to begin with what is not a whole lot they're taking them people get really pissed about it. So what makes you think they. What how high and what makes you think that your bare spank ghastly. I'll walk in my armor as its aren't good how is that okay. You'd be surprised just people and the fact that there are certain things were especially when it comes your personal space. The idea of having any respect for anybody is almost completely gone at this point honored as a walking on the street. You're in an elevator that matter what it is man it's. I don't think the rules of the same. Yeah. Sorry that everybody deserves the best of everything from right. Regularly if commercial day like uses after you defeat them so everybody feel so self a title like. I did take my shoes off to sit up there like I use here you really wanna relax some public transportation men elect a menace this is nice and this is actually relaxing take the Amtrak train. Oh yeah I mean you can't if you have the time thereafter people at that rail lines that. My god and I appreciate we'll see an example there turner whose Sox last and another additional profile lists yes indeed it is all true we're out of here for now but of course we will return tomorrow. So until then please do what you do best and poorly this thing. It's day beautiful. Yeah that's true that's been taken before a live studio audience who wardrobe makeup provided by Manchester England. Presentation knows. The man through radio network.