09-12-17 Seg 2 Mens Room Proves it Fake

Tuesday, September 12th

Mens Room Question: How did you get the thing that you got?


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This is dumb men's room. You're listening to. It's real it's smiles it's. Drive drive drive Cassel coming into since then today with ten songs when absolutely out of lyrics and FL they are there are not to they would not fly today you know all of these songs are to popular songs but when you break them down you realize that there is some disturbing it. Lyrical content involved and we've got ten of them coming up. With frank Cassell and us and spent although the word goes to the dogs speaking of dogs. Don't look now they say but those adorable baby labs in basset hounds you fall in love it might be getting you very sick. These Centers for Disease Control announced that they are likely source of an outbreak of would you call it can't be Loeb actors about it what I called it but I don't know veteran it's a bacteria that can cause diarrhea abdominal pain and fever. Come from poppies. Sold at pet land stores 39 people seven states been sickened so far twelve of them Atlanta ploys and the other 27 people who had contact with the puppies sold in the store. Though no deaths have been attributed to the operate nine of those infected have been hospitalized in the past year. The CDC says the outbreaks are rare since people typically. Usually get bacteria from their own dogs generally through contact of feces. And apart trying to doctor in my hands the CDC allies and investigation of the outbreak at the first case was reported last September in the agency has been getting help from state health departments in the USDA's animal and plant health inspection services. A pet land is also cooperating with the investigators people come. Dam of this disease generally show symptoms than two to five days of exposure to the bacteria mold and people with weakened immune systems and very young very old are the most vulnerable mean like all that it's is not a U cute. Our children that mean maybe open up in the big Barry older being very young is trying to wake. Get a nationwide deal except you live in Alaska or why they don't like Brett is a ridiculous. I'll now Manny was packed beyond what is this. That's it my sister got out of the identity of the dogs in the article not given up not allow the door and as well as badly as it doesn't Labrador on Africa around and a little guy that the big from a different balances and a cabin door and sisters got one of these gold Rocco. She's in Iraq go like oh. Feel like it's one of those it's like to Burry it put together it's like yeah Mitzi who are some garbage like that it is adorable assist it's a purse dog you know I mean it's admits he drew again I buddy buddy had the doodle. Though it's a doodle ball land like elaborate funeral yes like a big us all a big one day. They're adorable they look like big Muppets because overseen a Labrador and a doodle to get. Parker a pool so come on man I've crime wave out. That total could doodle and on an open on a doodle list and kept. I think doughnuts to brutal. Next a woman has died after contracting the SF TS virus from a cat bites in the first case of its kind in the world. According to Japan's ministry of health virus which is usually past and moser techs again here we go back with a six man. First discovered in Japan in 2013. There have been 266. Recorded human cases in Japan with 57 resulting in totality is. And hundreds more in China and South Korea however until now it was thought that humans can only contract the virus from tick by a sudden they thought it was only from ticks. In fact the Japanese health ministry believes this is the first ever case of SFT as being passed to humans from other animals the woman who died had no signs of a tick bites and is thought to have contracted the virus from a bite by a stray cat. Which she had taken and hoping to get it treated by vet. I mean we'll see Miles Davis then get it back cat try to face with. A man knows he's an eye on 90% of my body trust me I know how dirty cats are I haven't even nine at one thing licked our own black hole I mean it's just like looked so alive to the I mean what are you doing real bright if you don't go around fighting if I don't play well the the boys go boys down. A woman who was in her fifties died ten days after being bitten she had suffered a high fever other severe severe symptoms before the viruses in the she passed away. I guess there's no known treatment for the virus oh good despite it's prevalence in the Far East looking symptoms include fever gastrointestinal problems and it. Lugo who Pena who was local. Google preview I don't know Lugo. 30% meaning it's among the most dangerous viruses right now in the world she's strike the co. I got a bleeding also from taking too much to leave and Ibuprofen a totally sick for a week and initially went to the hospital where they stopped. Two fingers in the wrong hole and found but I had internal bleeding and lost over half my blood and almost died but had to do an endless copy twice to cart arrives the whole mind test and I was in the hospital for eleven days. Nine of them in icu in the don't love this Lee and that was like or how many how many Ibuprofen Maria taken a day man. At that computers don't know had a wicked headache I mean seriously what what's whether it's aid six may be a year and I'm a program program for to my girlfriend of time he gave these babies because you've got to promote tax. And never told me can you pass Gaby you have statement. What I was very young reverently from Deere whatever Mickey Wright has that the someone you know I I I wanna say that that mind just kind of eventually went away rather I didn't bodies yen nothing goes though all she wrote I do remember like those topical cream which I just think you controlled itching and a couple of things surrounding it. There's not much you can do I mean they're underneath your skin for Agassi as. You can radiate them this couple different ways to do but who wants radiate your chest as a deterrent kills really would rather not get right exactly it's Jack got a bit birth but. I would like to see people's reaction when I tell them have a third nipple. And make and says doctor confirmed. We we believe you both liberal brag about the I'll go over to the time and a couple of good it's okay area I got 20% my body. Second and third degree burns now my armpit looks like an old ladies no no parts only. Parent. Positive with that looks like I'm an arm pit looks technical way he's no gold bars. And is a picture did you know men honestly I think sometimes your. I I was I don't picture of the outside skin not like a hot dog. Yeah you grill the minutes now profile. If you've got all the drink Obama a good. Loaded hot dog and a micro data alone and on one side of the party favorite is still like it hot market you an example hardly a fourth of July and the one regular hot dot net but hey you did that and our air Broward. You can pick it couldn't happen because. What I want more creative like that all of that out I'm not a sad thing is we're not picturing his armpit Ballmer describing this. Or that or. My armpit woke me up this morning what a mistake and yes well houses away and and Alec. All gone I gotta get up like that every that the deodorant on yesterday was just armpit smell yeah those terror normally don't have our government owned or possibly get us thinking god I now is unbelievable and he was hook like I was thirteen I mean it was just it was dank it's guaranteed to work out four bit. Now I did that got them there who could put this all gov elect Jesus Christ was a jig a one armed. Well I didn't check the other I just got through that area I just assume they're equal like one foot stinks I'm sure the analyst exactly you never know maybe just this one hour. I could be true now I never would just for the order all of you don't hurry sometimes in army and different dimple things go well or rings the worst is when you forget to brush your teeth are got all day. Bomb. Bad golf and I guess today you know poppy seed bagel it has to make it worse NASA bed tonight. Are how did you get that thing you got 844999. Hole here are attending health disorders that they say are made up to sell products Laguna beginning of Utah to encounter I tend now c'mon that's what we do it and got ten there we have attend any of us been guilty of our I don't and I looked a little recently some of them are kind of out to lunch I don't know have them but some bit bit the sun apps. Die right here are some people. Falsely believe that Wi-Fi is dangerous or that it's they have a specific intolerance to. So much so that in France and Sweden a few people of managed to get benefits from this fictitious dis order. As a growing number of people claim to have electromagnetic hypersensitive. I its hyper sensitivity. These individual probably read that radiation and other radio waves from Wi-Fi mobile phones are causing them to be sick on a regular basis. What makes that kind of funny and just keep in mind you getting radiated all the time so real precise about cell phones and Wi-Fi only. Good television waves radio wave like its already Bayer is the weather might you manipulate what exists the stuff of not making news. In fact the people who constantly claimed to have this disorder always have symptoms that are very common such as headaches nausea or feelings of being unwell. And can be attributed to almost anything so it's just it's it's crapshoot but there are some countries they are here. Number nine of gluten sensitivity is probably the most overhyped disease ever if they say. It has become incredibly trendy these days to take gluten out of your diet entirely. Citing claims that it's somehow make you feel sick tired weak without any actual evidence to back it up many of these individuals don't bother to go to a doctor to see if they actually have. Sealy act disease oral wheat allergy still some claimed have a sensitivity even though there is no way to actually test for such a thing. So lately is some news sites have declared the research has proved the existence of gluten intolerance. But it did no such thing. Researchers show that some people who don't test positive for a weed allergy or Celia disease still claim to have some symptoms went eating gluten but there are a lot of factors going out. To begin with. They say our old friend. The no Sabato. Affect returns many people have been. Persuaded the gluten is bad for everyone despite this being entirely untrue so they psychologically convinced their bodies a gluten is bad to make themselves. Doctors have also suspected that irritable bowel syndrome. May have a lot to do this researchers performed a double blind study with IBM servers who were. Supposedly gluten intolerant and found the gluten was not a reliable trigger anymore than a placebo. So I didn't market. But people combine a whole lot of different product researchers believe that wheat in a lot of different foods can be tough on the stomach and people with IDS these patients are just sensitive almost everything but gluten itself is approaching. And they say not the culprit if you think you have issues with gluten doctors recommend that you go for official diagnosis first. There could be many non gluten things causing your symptoms and you could delay a proper diagnosis by thinking of solve the issue under on the truth as. They say a lot of people who claim that they have a sensitivity to gluten probably just as sensitive stomachs and Jeff. I'm OK and I know that make sense for a group blaming the gluten these are. These are basically ten health disorders made up to sell you products. It's your body does not need its energies to be balanced. These days many people talk about their energies and the energies of those around them. They suggest that others have negative energy or that they have and they have positive energy. There they always say in your naval this is not just people react rise in the among your in my area of energy later Duchscherer but some kind of actual intangible energy field that humans have around him and our. If you will. This belief has led to an industry of rosters who claim they practice something called a re key. A reiki practitioner believes he Ricky Ricky whatever I should know we didn't have no way for the do it practice properly noted can bring out breaky breaky breaky yeah area a reiki practitioner believes that he can bring up the energy of his own body and use it to influence the energy field of someone else to help that person for the better this sounds like goddamn Tony Robinson. Or Ernest Ainsley. Number all right put that he it and you're halo in any he'll of people. Humans we go here's the truth while it is often put forth and scientific sounding language. This is utter gibberish is that's meant to confuse those and understand a word being used your body has no special energy field and does not commit any magnetic force. You have energy reform task we be wrong secure but that is not create a specific energy field around. It is just a measure of how much your body is able to accomplish and given time whether someone starts talking about the electro magnet says Emory heat. Emanating from your body and how they can use that about your energies you know they're your you're talking to a roster. At the very least you're talking to someone who's extremely delusional I mean we've got more. The tin health disorders made up to say products coming up. Our question how did you get that thing you got a 44999. All luck you are listening to the men's or radio network. Sage is you it's. True it's guys. If that's that's that's as if I think that hey you got a far far 9990. Look at the drug in charge rank castle coming up Ted songs with absolutely messed up layers completely on my about a like a complete that list by the way. Above the ten health disorders that are actually made up to sell your product so. We had number ten and that would be basically some people falsely believe that Wi-Fi. Is a dangerous. Or I don't know harmful deal and they have a tolerance do. Electromagnetic sensitivity I don't know the deal is there we have gluten sensitivity probably the most over hyped disease ever according to the list of doctors. Number eight your body does not need its energies to be balanced whenever the world Ricky Ricky whatever the hell that is basically bring bring you recchi is they said if if if someone is trying to about your energies you know that you're talking to a from mr. Orr at the very least someone who is extremely. Delusional and then not met any of those people now and be complaining yeah I mean I think I have but I wouldn't you I mean human and I know and trust me you meant you have so I met one lady who did it on day on a ski lift to violent throwing yeah. Yeah at a chicken barn tomorrow and orgies I. Has gone to me you know that you orange very clear Ryder very. Others was pain minors for pain like you like I opened my hands and you and he and I put my hands on new that would work that was to my knees were just swelled up more wanted to let them go back to the hotel rooms. So yes what's made up Pallet Telesis and guess who made it up. May god Rihanna control list jury. How would those just like the bush is our patrol. You Dario we need are huge holes out the that I did. I got bad breath on the with a foot Wear these shoes but that was spanky. Our noses managed big business most people take it for granted as a serious problem these days off and have various levels of anxiety to I've good Brett bad breath in fact some individuals. How worried enough to get a doctor about the issue in many keep their Listerine handy and even to breath mints to avoid an embarrassing problem however not long ago. People didn't really worry about bad breath as a dozen calls pain or any life threatening symptoms that they figured it couldn't be considered a real disease and they were right Alec doses is not a disease. A during its early days the company that made Listerine which has been around since the late eighteen hundreds of selling a decent amount of product to sterilize wounds. Yeah especially in the mouth but they felt like they were not selling enough. So they made up the term Allah tells us and started a marketing blitz to play on people's insecurities in it worked beautifully. The worst so convinced by a Listerine exploit that almost no one will be cop with a bad breath anymore. Unfortunately for Listerine profits a lot of people these days just carries immense and brush their teeth regularly mince by the way also part of that booming business as well as gum and everything else Florida goes so. Only think anything like that deodorant. It because that's all metal matter of social cues don't know disease with the but you ordered you stink you know wants it bad breath you name it what older readers for your shoes almost. Top ten health disorders are made up sell products there's a so all the old detox in your body and it's not a real thing either it is being pushed by people trying to sell useless products. In health files held blogs you'll often see detox supplements detox diets meant to quickly flush all the talk to study about raising your claim in your ready to all right. These products in the people who pushed themselves very alarming about the build up the bad things in your body. Suggested you're drinking or eating and whatever that is to detox is nothing more than the precious a lecture elixir of life itself. And you can have as much as you need for a price as you may have guessed they're statements are not true. Perhaps one day laws will become stricter and these guys will get what they deserve but they're a few major problems with a claims first. They don't understand what detox means a detox is used by medical professionals to get an attic to a point where he is safely off the drug and fanatics are often taper off drugs so that the effects of quitting cold Turkey don't kill them which can happen depending on the drug. It has absolutely nothing to do with cleaning out your incised. When discussing detox diet supplements the toxins which people refer are totally nonspecific and don't even exist. The truth is that your body constantly pledges anything poisonous out of you on its very own that's why you don't die. A good example of a nearby me slowly works the alcohol out of your system by using your liver and Ari does that. Shockingly enough human sorry in detox away. They do say more importantly if you really think your body is not getting the toxins out in your becoming severely ill than you may have something seriously wrong with you like organ failure to Asia probably see a doctor immediately a detox during is not gonna help you. And people keep mine Israeli government and yet that's a huge scam these error. Ten believer not ten that basic help disorders made up to help you sell products there release the business industry. Vaginal reducing is fairly common and completely unnecessary. I never knew it dominant stop it only just started to see widespread use in the last couple of centuries at first it was meant to almost be entirely a method of birth control plus notes. Like she's gonna have any plant right now unit she can have a penis and one on a date absolutely. Got the secret behind that smile off in this meant vinegar even chemicals would be used which can be quite dangerous overtime the purpose moved away from birth control became more about dealing with. Cleaning or voters Lysol also heavily advertised in the early 19100 suggesting that women should be using it to clean themselves. Although people eventually realize hey that was a real real real bad idea you know what I like solving human skin many women had become. Convinced that using products to clean every Janice was something that we done a regular basis Abbott to the first woman that you like saw as he do it was the first woman to let you know that it was a horrible idea however the truth is that have a giant as a self cleaning and inundated as I can crowded. On top of that do she could upset the careful chemical balance that lead to an increased risk of infections of the complications. Doctors assembly don't recommend doing at all. But it's an uphill battle to convince people otherwise because of an eleven of the doing effort generations of passing on the habits and prospering so it's one of those things more of. Well what else to say here's a look at them. Yeah I was in that area as and that that I guess you pass on from generation to generate functional army injured explained that your daughter Robin thing I do this year Buehrle stuff. No other follow these are made of diseases to sell products hucksters are our play of the dangers of chloride and trying to sell people special water filters of the governor how water tanker tank of the cold water filters and yeah fine. The Florian the flies putting their treaty rights. Typically that's what they put it in their four and it's it's not gonna kill you if you I have some Florida member of people truly believe the chloride is a dangerous substance. The never should be put anywhere near drinking water. They cite bogus studies are reviews which claimed the fluoride damages children's growing. Brains causing cancer all that stuff. And none of it is scientifically and the earth is flat it's not getting any warmer we never went to the moon at central and that this is going to be one little upset people. Depression it's a very real disease but the majority of those diagnosed do not actually fit the bill. There were no question about. Depression major depressive disorders are absolutely real there's more than enough scientific evidence to prove that and no one's arguing that. The issue is that many of the individuals diagnosed with depression. Do not fit the criteria in a study at Johns Hopkins they took a look about 6000 people have previously been diagnosed with depression. And found that less than 60% of them truly qualified as having any depressive disorder. Even worse then the anti depressant use in the United States rose by 400%. About twenty years ago with a over 10% of the teen aged up population taking anti depressants of some kind. Look man we've said that a million times on the show real probably sadly happens to it a million more time for the show's over politely expressed would Q this is about movement products. A lot of times your kids. You know whether or annoying and they don't pay attention because the tickets much like a kitten vs the cat a puppy vs baldor in Yong mammal portion of the adult version of a mammal but a kid doesn't pay attention right there six years old. That is what they look and one way you know this to be you know that they already know this under B Upton on a look kids you'll probably get that overwhelmingly that none of the problems but. When you go to elementary school the question for short of the high school because they figured out over 150 years ago that the attention span of younger people is Deborah general they've already established why your kid. There's not paying it to it's good there's a reason why they have recess and elementary school they don't have that and there's a reason why your kid digits. When you have to say at church of some boring ass place like that but to more adult kids. Then I like it but they said there quietly click come army you'll need to give my pills of the. It's it's style funeral wake your kid being active don't have kids to the crazy they'd period and they say look depression exists many people though are given drugs that could make them worse while not helping with the real issues so. As you look. When someone who doesn't qualify as having depression. Feel sad it is likely because life is difficult right there's yours now these people may need to talk with a counselor but taking unneeded drugs could harm the chemical balance of the brains over an extended period of time. So what you're taking a daily daily medication may be the symptoms are there all the time and there's no need to take the reason for this is serotonin syndrome. And the main way the depression is treated most anti depression and medication helped you produce more serotonin. Which is a feel good chemical in your brain. Those were depression that troubled about producing right. However if you have too much serotonin your system overtime oral once they can actually damage your ability to properly produce a so excessive serotonin can also cause seizures in extreme cases. Although it everybody actions or medication are only likely to happen if DOD taking anti depressants overtime when you don't need them cannot be good for your chemical balance your basically tipping the scales in the wrong direction. Don't matter what they want to do it it's like plugged or a reason why you to spend more for batteries last longer. Yeah I mean guarantee you repeat customers and some of the prescription drugs are being. I know some warmer air presence which is was and how much we'll talk about party and let them and get that's the thing they don't care what you use of for the regular money. I mean they they couldn't care less why you uses and that's why these are ten held that disorders made up sell you products. She global oil citizens tribal phobia. Chore it's not an official disorder and is very played up my peer pressure recently a ridiculous new condition known as tribe of phobia has arisen on the web while no one seems to have found a way to profit from it yet. You can bet someone will as soon as they can and figure out a way to do it. If nothing else some web administrator here administrators have received decent traffic from making a huge deal about the suppose that condition. Tribe a phobia is the alleged fear of clustered holes and some people claim that these holes freak them out and make them feel a horrible sense of revulsion. Supposedly there's can get it seedy feel panic they feel nervous when looking at a cluster. Of holes. However there is little reason to believe that this is a real condition no professional psychologist doctor of any kind recognizes a phobia of this. Handfuls studies been performed run small scale and hardly conclusive to anything solid. Basically they're saying it's made a deal at the number one the number one help disorder may have to sell your products. Showering on a daily basis minutes is all about smell expectations and yes they're selling products. Showering daily sometimes more than once a day or at least once a week is I have an ingrained so deeply in so many individuals of modern societies the idea of not doing so is utterly foreign. Most people cannot imagine life without regular showers taken aback and then there's been a lot of money on. Shampoos and conditioners over the years however there are some reason to believe that the shampoo and conditioner companies are really selling you a big fat load of social insecurity while happened at all happily. I into the bank but they basically say it in the you don't want bruising hair you don't mean. Nothing is ever about your health and every time they put to shame too I mean personally get dressed up right but otherwise. Everything and even pitch in the Arab and lying to visit the star prodding does not because there's anything wrong with you we were so insecure and people so phony. This product to make it look research suggested showers are actually bad view because they constantly kill off healthy skin bacteria and messed with a delicate micro bio balancing keeps us safe from diseases and other problems. So frequent baiting was not widespread. Until the moral modern world emerged even and the kinds of shampoos that we use now became common only recently. And most people's eyes there was never any real need to shower so often until clever marketers convince people that they are natural order was socially unacceptable. And these marketers want to sell shampoos and other products like deodorant so they created an industry that is now worth billions of dollars a year. We're not saying that you should skip showers right around for a job I'm hooked me an unlawful Sharon we'll get remotely wrong. Maybe they say you can shower mostly water and billion lets you feel the need to remove a smell. But you don't always have to use OP don't always have to issue and I I don't know how long I could go without a shower like that would be really difficult challenge. I think apparently Robert definitely when I was home was on went approximately four months. For months without a shower alone are not happy about it in my finally got a job people commented that I smelled how much I understand that because I've worn the same close by and have not had been out there but that's it. Like even the forty shower or those sold with solo and probably still smell like crap after all did I do a smile like you let's throw like a homeless and so but if he bit of border for the clothes like would your body like how bad was your body just vehicle wasn't for the smell your clothes and normally I don't know because at some point at some point to close only smell what the body of a surrounding. So clearly it was hard to close. Like I'm human side wall in one or communicate about and on the weather to write yeah it was mostly winter when I was out there did you tell me that some woman sets an anti illegal workers of America got one idea and there was so I got a job all right and Damon but. I'm still asleep and I'm streak is the opposite your money finally get department cannot explain how happy I am. And I take shower at the ruby. Really long Michelle element of that it's been a long time you shape and you're not looking your best bet you may have seen it develop almost people. They don't look awesome it's just not give up Oberto. Man at a full mustache beard I mean I would. It would homeless from the other half are loaded go to the top lieutenant you have hair the timer we like doing the seas are ring wanted to look like I was it's it is right charisma to let them loans I don't I don't need to look good. Because I smell bad and I'm home site I will say this. One abandoned to bring home I tried you. A little stress is like and have in my life of what I appreciate ideas I don't enjoy. Until people make a much bigger problem out of everything right. And I hate me and around one of the nice things about being almost an open you truly just don't care. Did you just don't care. I will say this but it's not worth revisit. So I think he Africa cup I probably your shower what are going to work in its bad days when I've cleaned up you know I was completely different. And that wasn't chain and the dude our. If it was. Man you're looking a lot better opened up thanks man you know please analyze. You smelled so I've been bad for quite horrible I know let them umps are pretty real quick I don't nortel's the doo dah. In Oakland gets big there's nothing you can do about Adams and arm band to drinks and jags annals of crazy guy next to be perimeters. Yeah I mean I you know a week it burning man and I mean that. Edged in Julie and desert but did you lick what did you guys get a hotel room on the way back until now aren't we couldn't lie there were all sold out focus there'll Brunell but I'll stop and Rio. More charges like 3750. No way don't want that on the new. So we drove all the way back. It was like Monday I just remember taking that shower and it was degree to shower yet others where you can it was everybody kick enemy was it just you always get like as we need in my body as we drove straight back and we stopped in lake somewhere in origin. I think this burger place if you walk into a burger place we walked in and I mean I don't there was just something about the way we looked I don't know if it was the smell there is late. Are you guys think you guys OK it's like yes. And he ordered OK we ordered I mean. But we must order three or four burst a piece we're just like it's not right there like we get to burger place they'll be hot and the fact art and dissent they're elective. We are excited at Toyota's if you haven't flushed in a week. Yes oh yes but yeah he was pretty even more exciting the shower they hamburger taken a clue. I was poses the tripod with a watchable twit think yeah shower and then the liquor or the you wanna go to the worst they Israel solid made not just watching water flushed out of it's quickly would you have approved at a real political week is author Bob Dora the whole thing man if you look at the weather got really bathers crank out motel we above airplanes in Indy crashed there for the light right. When aggressor from the land I did a couple of times but I'm Islam like you know what I'm gonna take you got him shot at a big communal shower I don't care I just wanna take Charlie so to. I walked out of the shower and this is maybe six weeks and this and I'm so excited to catch our swear to government walking imminently H shower heads. And the central drain and directly on top of the green is a pile of human. I do I could not do it I didn't thank you remove this figure he'll want a good job man that's not my daily thank you know my I don't think the you know like a play don't affect your enemy crank the handle on the comes like getting. How do I get that thing you got a four part 999. Hole you are listening to the men's or radio network. Drew smiles so. We're Joseph to the dogs right before we drink it tells coming up with a shot of the day our question how did you get that thing you got 844999. Cola. Hello coordinating and welcome to the admin group. And today it all. Jong. It happened so I didn't get it now but it'd been our on going thing or about fifteen years. End up whatsoever on the kid you know you kind of hold. It in when yep you're about in my billiard some other older person you're about to go back to you after I guess. Yeah you're dancing in your hand is firmly grip or under job. Right but it. So. Eventually. You know I've. I held it in an odd job yet and it's really bad pain and over the court you know fourteen or fifteen years or surgery. Our eaten urine would go back up until my kids eat. And create little lit third or polyps out about it. Brad there are no right you're backed up. He's like I'm the data the and so what happened what. You're under which goes here Saturday your kid he apart in the middle had grown together somehow. And so you know dude dude slowly train after a while but I drank too much to go back up what is our whole Lotta Lotta. So they they do surgery what I guess they just manually remove these things from outside your kidney. Well OK so. They can't try to hold on my belly button where they went through one leg right below my familiar brigades so like ever more weight. And so it was on the news I guess awhile ago but it was a big robot so he'd sit behind like the little screen looks like goggles. And there's big aren't the go through a little like cancers and like quite certain and whatever use. Sarah very comforting thing rush she's. Only when America at the peak outsold the UN back together and then. Been good ever since. You never so okay what happens when you really got to go liquid you're in that situation or your on the interstate you have to be he can't find an exit you going to pull rat out his racked up or whatever do you still have those same feelings. I mean you know not the more you they're pretty damn good job trying to back to normal but. Every time I do have to go and I can't I don't really to pull all herb I hold it and then I kind of get that spewing. You are crap that page and come back I really that old thing over again. Yeah but aren't you look appealing but I haven't got balls or Russert blisters. And more. How long how holder junior finally absurd. I'll bet you hear all adapted seemed to be short. And can't thank that's what is the name of a gold. Are you know a new yet back I can't remember being their name but the curator. It word cute together had yet again here at the Europeans is fully functional all right that's the most important way. That is very true idiot okay listen to walk through bill. Can you talk arsenal the north today. Yank them I thing goes wrong down there man it's just it's absolutely instant paranoid Aaliyah I don't there's always the response from may do them. With that if there's anything kind of wrong in that general area like oh yay at least the PM thing and this and that but your penis for for OJ again. Yeah yeah we are. That's the one thing really we wanna note that the gate and happens to us that that's why rafting we don't really care about you which were awake to this happens to me warmup games. I as far as how did you get that thing you got some of the comments comment I was born with a third test. I got enough chronicle hole in my arm from injecting. Then suborbital. Which is the main ingredient in the euthanasia solution I didn't get our and I miss the vein. All they all can right. How did you you get that thing you got 844 at 999. Hole that is 844999. All hold the line more because don't appear sick. The show and many games continues on the men's room radio network.