08-16-17 Seg 4 - The Mens Room Takes it to Trial

Wednesday, August 16th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted has clips from Judge Judy and Jimmy Fallon! And we end the day with Headlines


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Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls down right out and mentor friend Klestil loan that's right most lane got something primary a lot like this imagine cleaning blacks that's right folks just run homer and then rich and I'm very clean fresh feeling that. So don't change your life lol yeah. Every song and dance dude I'm going there and really nasty dirty clothes aren't in danger of savings. And. Works every time. Live music all. Strange behavior and of course we're. All benefiting deceive their foundation and the Fisher house. Don't stop for less money hoax to only fifteen months to get Jordan and now homes and that my staff. Ordering him. This is done men's room. You are listening to. He's thrilled by what miles and thrill. Hope dad that the player profile that's dollar 9844999. Ol play profile this coming up in minutes. Veteran lines and only one hour from now the first quick check into my cock for some of the stories and headlines he has not to working out all right Taco Bell is rolling out their new naked egg breakfast. Taco job nationwide naked egg taco naked Hague breakfast knocked on my click and I'm Matt went on form so what is that exit taco shell Libya. To breakfast taco way they've Friday against Australia on down that. I'm glad that my aged its ride a lot of eight they don't have the consistency to the shelf oh well they sure do a Taco Bell brand. And to bring you much comparable again they're fluffy enough I guess to suck it weevils cheerful all the good stuff that's. The Babe Ruth and I'll what you eat your hand but a much better as a whole thing. I'm emigrated to cut up the middle and look at. Amended. A man and a few bucks got you recently got arrested in Australia for beating a ski resort worker with his snowboard keys. What about that sounds logical to you at all. You clearly clicked through and where was this a stroke is was and Australia they've ski resorts in Australia but the tolls now and Australia was like 5000 feet. By the one of those indoor ones alone that I am excess. Not Austria. A shows are out. I did the Amazing Race snowboard in your pocket often it's gotta be warm I mean it makes them based on the sport that he was doing booty hit with the board. He can't ignore the worker. Another never been that mad at suvs look for work here permanently won't remove pretty chill on the slopes right now he's just replicating a scene from planet off Dan Diego are good point. It's strong point the retreated. Effort into what his seven year old man in Kansas City was arrested after he get a bunch of method threw rocks at cars. He told police that he did it because he cut the one to thirteen movie the purge was happening in real life. You know based on what you see you know who you don't if you behave myself maybe so the map however probably you know I don't like to do that if if it athletic attributable to lose. Yeah I mean to purge the news if you watch the movies they let you know would start. Right yeah I did it yet just does the news going crazy doesn't it purchased officially start. Has that not is this just the warmup you got away to this day. Her child hurts deficit 32. Lines in the set up that fatal armored cannon ball fire whatever it is due to her don't come meals movies have been made. They've made what 34. And they made a mini epidemic into now that'll definitely three reminding me fourth. Completely the birds Election Day the bird citing an Election Day Anthony is the only woman I haven't seen it. The most imminent. We US watch the purge you were articulate what would you do. Of course yes I had my Q will my usual got the I'd rather not say. Accardo. That the Pacific. It's bad when you say about an hour to keep at it after they propose a private thoughts between one man and a movie yet and it will be cool thing that what happened. Should get a look at pictures on dark ordeal it said. If I think that it's a go to with that specific but I got some ideas from the verge overall to have to be how I would choose does that put pictures on a dart board that throat that I. Up Jimmy's get it this year. I don't think it. And it's limited in ability today to play out tomorrow I had a good here I hit two of the dark I got a killer has a little intimidated into an event. But I can install my Legos I hated Laffey for years if he gets it. Awful horrible I don't know the couple of. And that's the last he's doing it. Little kid that shuttle Yelp he didn't. Rule on that show baby's mom and a break in at the childhood trauma was this all wrong bay you're cool way they're out of why I'm getting another hurdle I have to admit that in my burden through literally split. It up. Guerrilla border guerrilla genocide happens. The author of a they're come accountants are I think it what do you think it really did drive my daughter fight the common. Got to where somebody just clicked in a very fast yeah. Listen to what I meant Australia recently built a special cajun his party's drive to protect his 500000. Dollar Rolls Royce. All right and probably crash the cajun constant a fifth of dollars in damages if I but does not cheap now. What do you like even this like oil change calls on the Rolls Royce that's the problem with those thousand dollars 500 you had known him how much like. A real expensive car with you take it to you you know you take it to the dealerships than they have to do it. About it about that oil changed thousand bucks why not go to the deluded I guarantee that. I can't assume that the oil itself is going to be the problem miles because are synthetic oils and it just. Oil is oil the filter I think is where you get the price hike but the problem is is that you know you. If my Shimmy breakdown a go to we ship regulation there's no just Rolls Royce dealerships. You know in every town you've got to go to a special place for those things they gotta order special arts. You don't. Like that's the weird thing you'll never see one broken down. It's like like have weird movie when it breaks down if you own one you dial in number and they come out and pick it up and put a cover over so nobody. Is he wants people to think that Rolls Royce never breaks welcome. Here by the rose rose rolls. And advent com won't I don't know where they take the rolls Royces they just know they you never see a bogey or an old dealer. If it jumped and I think I've never seen a lot of there and it went to the dump Imus got. He hit a general overall package I have. Do indeed your Florida was talking about a self defense class at an open house. And said that a gun isn't always the best defense because the other person can take it from you. Then a man who was there got arrested after he pulled a gun out of his pocket when it with a bang you're dead because they think they pointed a loaded weapon as it. He's a good citizen you assume it's loaded. I would always assume influence I think err on the side of caution and I good point well done is that rule number one a godsend rule number one again that those loaded. I gotta tell you said I'm pretty sure we got circle and we're at it with a of the that salute fit if he gets. A woman and England recently flipped out when she cut her fiance smoking. Then he jumped on her carted try to suffer from driving drunk and she drove three miles put them on the hood hitting speeds of seventy miles an hour while it okay. I love relationships meant they're going to be together for a while we're trying to deal with the holidays and wasted which you just couldn't save him I am. Where I had a bad man thank god this giant danger that a bad example for a Kazakh carriers now that the a third about it like I don't know did you drive home front we just. I think he should be smoking but he could talk about in the morning if you think it was here to help them later. A 35 year old convicted felon in Florida just got six years in prison for accidentally firing a gun inside of a strip club last year while he was. Taking itself they Lyndon. With that god yes people knock it off that is stupid why do you think you need to bring guns into extra question well. Now he is part of he is. Political profile office. I hope they academy's way or another source file but it did kind of explains itself as I thought the same thing muted when I got to be in government. Holds one. She'll walk your gun if I have to I bought a new pistol I would wanna do that you wanna take a picture republic this thing. I would not take a self be with my finger on the deck don't trigger. Appointed lumber to. Figure out the triggered that you read the third and shoot them I am getting fired up. IPhone apps overall number two is don't point anything you wanna shoot that ruler to three keep it down range of our. Good to rule like that threatened can't let you know I'm just totally loaded them. I think both I think it's loaded. According to a new report the college where students studied the least is saint John's university in New York half of those are good school followed by miles. West Virginia whoever Virginia and Indiana university and lie Indiana University of Pennsylvania Emerson college and University of Mississippi I UP pretty good vote college and I'm starting out of I'll let us. You can pick a good man although I don't know what colleges you guys that are seen before but the what I would not be standing at is the Arizona State University community. They've got his big ass long can this man everybody's just out there swimming all the time lane around all the time is short because it's a hundred and for and got outside. Deborah Andre and gotten it. And I think I have warheads every sort today I think at that time almost argue my father's words all right and finally thieves stole 22 tons of a delicious treat. Boo that I don't know of this policy elemental and are now that you like talk radio event I've given a one hour from now but first the game is love. The men's room. Represents. Yes he's throwing them to please everyone now profiled this is played a shark and miles it's a simple game every show every few real life news story. Some didn't happen right here I'm whenever. And as you listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be true people. And the decisions that people make less committed as you think makes the story a story hello Aaron welcome to the men were. All of our element Omaha art Aron and then a loser being the blaze. And since you're grown from Austin, Texas is this true. That is incorrect at at at what I write about twelve years that it's going to I don't want it Seattle I still have my ball. More strange number I get. All right here is your story in my discussed on a four Florida man has been sentenced to six years and five months in prison. For accidentally shooting his gun while taking a self be in a strip club restaurant. This gadget reeks of class and other US attorney's office and ambush announced that the 34 year old man. He's got a sentence handed doom this past Monday after he pled guilty in April to possessing a firearm. As a convicted photo. Court documents say that he was that club lost in Saint Petersburg back in the summer when his gun discharged. No euphemism vulture. Now the bullet ripped through the mirror and in to be decent women's bathroom of good news is no injuries were reported. But a security guard approached him he was leaving and reportedly told a guard that it was an accident and he was just trying to take yourself. While police responded almost from a handgun ammo and drugs if prior felony convictions for burglary in the tenth to first degree murder. Dad as a classy dude anyway do you believe that this guy is black white Mexican or eight. Yeah. But yeah I at a particular here. Football player a football player somebody points to go morals he was used to that music club regular yet just around the globe lost but he did YouTube's. I don't know that have what I mean. I I think. My guess is gonna be black. You know what that was my first thought too. But for some reason and that area of the country and it's just Saint Petersburg that's not that far from Orlando I think there's a decent amount of Asian immigrants that move. Net net been there for couple generations now. Well maybe that is that he wants them I know I'm not just that he won't I know this I think today there is a Petersburg saint. The dogs are hotel it's so white you can't believe it Clearwater Florida's close to that at face you're reverend moon owns everything I wanna go white. And you know and that's something I would say into the that is Florida's heavily out of white people there. Both Mozilla must goes here's the thing right now. When you think you undo a black final answer. You know I don't haven't change actually I think I think evident though white white vinyl answerable by an out of view as black why to make the or Asian next. T you are listening to the men's or radio network. Room when smiles and good Florida and Saint Petersburg. And a man who went to a strip club and the bronze gun club lost dance club look. And apparently they go Islam does he goes to take a healthy and somehow ends up. Discharging his gun that would throw all that into the women's bathroom fortunately gnomes are but he. Quite the record I'm anyway. This little brighter smile you don't judge the guy just because he had apparently convictions for burglary and attempted first degree murder. But the cubs over the gun frowned on as activities and Aaron we assume you thought this guy was black and white makes the Asian. First you went black. You listen miles to one little bits and you went with white Teddy bear out of nowhere and sit Asian correct seemed a little odd but the crazy thing about it. Ted is correct call. All all math and back this guy he is part of the Asian pride game and when the woman Dan yeah flap goes completely pixelated. Certain disease that down and could not believe him pixelated where if it is now brought did a solid job down DB time of day. Because you're pathetic life is confined to countless hours in front of a talking box and the men's room presents. All throughout history judges are big part right sure so like and it's not always don't have the title judge may be looking down look at the Bible. Go to the good book right in to make some decisions that he was with king Solomon. Who does that some deluded is rankings it yucky arguing about this or that will just at a U was about it. Maybe years to open in the gas than it sounds really horrible now about those storyline will rip and it happened any jab at the out then whoever's like no no don't do that he knows the rightful owner of the paint. I feel like I'm screwed up the stick a thumb on the story a little. Hope you're dead on accurate. I did a good vehicle rest today in match thinking Solomon had the mines that rankings are all about Coca. Yet Chuck Norris Lou Gossett junior the team and a look for the hidden treasure. I'd never seen that don't even waste your time apparently it was a response to raiders of the lost our current. Could that general fields up again but luminaries of Chuck Norris and the to the got a junior Japanese. Haven't yet I don't know puberty won his Academy Award amount but it was even as a kid Mike Lupica blue. So and I'm if I should be easily birthday salute the news team. The Judge Judy I would say is a and a huge human Harry in our time much like things are. It back units as our role rip the baby and have. She does Bo and a lot of money. Yes Judah. So basically they had dispute. Where one late it's about a small dog right the dogs' names baby boy. I recruitment report also decent movie and video about it except at a better than king Solomon's mines at the picnic. Ha so basically this lady says hey eyeball baby boy off the street. From a to hoot who said he previous week old baby boy are now plaintiffs in the case where the actual owners of baby boy. So how do you think Judge Judy south. Rip the dog and they didn't have the dog and cat but she says hey. Bring the dog in a courtroom with so that's what the for a. Madam listen to me carefully put the dog down. Don't put the dog down. You read from the original owners let us. Neck in ways to. Angela. Hall. I don't think there's alcohol is excused herself I am so I think that's all they could to. The other lady don't tell doesn't everybody will Nokia. You can see he took baby boy went to the regional correct our British were big boy runs right path. Make note of right and you've just hit any abnormal warmth sensitivity of the major face a page I will see. You watch that video there's no doubt in my mind that the dog ran to its original. Yeah did the woman who who's excited to have baby boy back down on my editor orbit to orbit the orbit. Did she look at the way her voice under. It was all husband's dog. Alleges her voice and what a gap. A gap rally you watch it don't you think the dollar rant alert to the right owner. On in most adorable thing you've ever seen and I'd just point out. That baby boy is a small miniature toy Poodle oh we have thousands of Dolores is a big guy that's as owner like this islands off. And that comes up and that guy starts crying in the main hazard on a badly at the bottom. End of the ones that replica and a also a side note. These dinners stealing dogs. New emerging market teams that would. It's new or do we just hear about it more because everything about like this on me growing up we see all the time now meant what city go to inevitably. If you walk around new embassy the poster in a ball lost whatever what do what do in the got a epic people's TO maps these dogs on an open happens more now or it's just. We hear lateral time. Motto is yeah with the cats I'm like you know is that right to marry my hand most cats at least in my experience. If I call them by name is still look at you like I would EU faced bitch like cats don't care what your dog I get a pay Fred run them over to correct a color he comes run. But he's but you're the exception the right gets it right great cat but most cats Alex through rightly that he's like layers kind of exception but most cats. Call their names that. I just don't picture that run and over again in the bed and Larry first thing it does it comes ultimately as herbs and everything into it trees stuff Brin. He's look at Michael achilles' simulate him. I give it your cat want particularly if you say things like I terrified I was when I was there it is almost tripped over a white dude he is trying to get under your feet every time we go to state. He wants you to fall in twister had rally yet your cat hates you me follow me ever and we love you looked. Anywhere Argo ago. Did you wake up he's just staring at you look my I thought I bought my house is full of nothing but female species people. Cats dogs except for Larry it's Meehan there were the only two penises in there. That we bond. It too crazy dollars in alive good dogs FEMA and that is mile area with a penis rose. And his Brothers yeah there. Is more the Marquette he's my opinion is broke that a jury has won it. Technically aware and there all of us here I'd rather be to spur of the that the door I. Clarifying Myanmar also unpopular. Routed through bad system known to learn about. The technical and a half of the picture waking up there's a cat like to stare at a rally every morning. What do you wake over the middle of the night. There follows me downstairs. But he sees Daryn that's the part you get allies to do is he's very you all he might not online I don't know if you the most rewarding is this like I'm I'm I'm I'm hungry hit eight Albert that he is either I don't know if congress. More each time experts and the it's like he is plotting Yucatan he's there and having it wake is there and ran me over the map of dollars to iron. What's the look Adam he's a looker is an attacker UP. It's it's pins front. The in a rescued dame with the girl talk oddities. That the court. Two heads are better than Mario Brothers. It. Well man when it it's not a sad little globes does being his brother's. Once the cat won the match it and if that's been his brother. The but the one thing got his big old thing. All right miles sometimes we talk about an old school TV show that he knew both the joy of Roma I don't think you watch this what was called front. It isn't the TV version of brunch. About it the issue in the words. And up comfortable in kronor Beverly Hillbillies yeah. Shockingly not on a lot of my you know that that is the most expensive piece of real estate in the United States of America that I mentioned I think they just put it up for sale. And I can acumen the prices are ridiculous though I don't know that was 3151000380. Million Beverly that the first thing and then pond then let me. A it's a 25 foot thousand. When a five foot thousand down to you to use use the word in order you want to put the game bill to a what this study made by a thousand chances to win the money twenty foot. Owls didn't know monitor this and then hit the yeah yeah I've up up up at the I'm a 25 but now he writes like that it's Oprah yes Al it is not just about how big is this the sort of drop out of the script. Yeah okay. It and Brit and that. Uh huh you we humans. For the exterior shots. Of the mansion really remember the name of Beverly Hillbillies that clamp its and a boy Clinton's kitchen. Harry at the bottom up. About flooding the quietly into that mansion and decrepit mansion obligate ethic and not at. That's another go at it until that moment. Do you what appears that the public that the Clinton yeah. What sort of your book. Of as aggressively you remember that we have been up whatever years. It's built in 93 sits on ten point three acres have pop opera. Why eggs are. Already carper it's. A professor. At a truck escort. You commit a violent at forty car garage underground. It again exactly I mean you have no idea how big this property is it's that there's a reason they film that show that it. They at the time to the biggest mansion and Hollywood today Mankiewicz film here and it's that yes but it was just an exterior seats yeah in usually don't relax and it's no tournament and I don't know still the biggest mansion you know. Apparently in America over the Dylan Purcell they struck oil and are you orders on that yet he was talked. You know it. You're out there and had to be in the theme song right right probably is our audience he aims its umpteen outcomes of boiling crude oil bubbling bubbling crude oil that is black gold Texas tea yet. Next thing you know will allegedly entered. That is called the battle of and then he who could be of it'll. But it was that they definitely. Do rules. Right is that they go to California and it's like the bills it is yeah Beverly news. And I imagine his will get it out the door about a man named meaning him. I'd just about dropped the alternative on the conversion you out of it or rubber on this Monday he wouldn't let me. And up from a thing here and hopefully if you can or that it. White gold trust me we had nothing to do Texans meal we he had nothing to do. When to expect oh Texas militarism the western grip. The cica. Tick Mayo today on Manuel takes military guy you've collected grip at the test is no could also be thumping. I don't know what it is it's been deep property and with that which. They don't try to go there figure it out and looks supports an amount when you buy it and we're all Kentucky anyway it's. Next thing I know I got. Texas mail if you are all over my body not ever bored with the over the bad phone. With the option of drag water that doctor was right. Oh all right what everything in my that the in the pros and cons you probably heard a little bit about the solar eclipse coming up. But Jimmy Fallon at the pros supposed to look at the pros and cons of watching these solar eclipse the pro defense will happen on August 21. Come on HBO hackers are very leaky clips online. Pro you can see what is like when the sun disappears. Connors has also known nighttime. John. Kuhn Jonathan. Pro buying special eclipse glasses. Come between that any shape way your officially batted spending money put. And even let him. True the moon passing between the sun and the earth con it's the space version of a third wheel things. Because you know there's an end. The man doesn't. Girl I'm moms can lose ten. A ten pounds a pit road seeing the moon cover the sun console republicans' turn repeal is doesn't cover anything. And finally pro once the by the time I was falling in love con but now I'm only falling apart. Like a big celestial unlocked. That's night I asked them immediately just go we skill like the daytime or nighttime then am I now and then there. Obviously the daytime event is yeah I could make the interest in the and a that the eclipse of the sun out did you guys go back in the day like ancient cultures thought it was a good bad. But the watching the sun disappeared him down and nobody said I bet you this is a good open. Another we know scientifically what's going on it and I think a mistake with the theory. Alma did. Dimension or interest and eight meals and promise they knew exactly to the day wells well you know it would be when it looked up. Pretty well dial that in. Yeah if so that's up just based on after year after year like the go onto the ball. Just look at the big scribbled elect a we it is happening in that time did not happen the same time every year while it doesn't happen at the same time of year it's our. Something's a random somethings but they paid a lot of attention to any thinks the last field of the senate. When you don't have electricity would ever ever happens in the sky if you can add your calendar that you clock poorly that the things that you know when he went to planned unit which brings coming or existing game for what went for coming. Winter's coming as Roger short open. It's a new look I don't want to show if I don't know like saying we can confirm they had a winter they have got to winter but it was a scary winter I think based on a couple seasons prepare for you okay. At some certain mr. Estrada for another thumbs up and drop ethnic. They took them. The thing is that we're currently in winter winter is here is the new. OR NC. Variety is the spice of life. Winters don't know which uses. The big thing for that do they get bogged down in game on global sales of them that the way I pictured renters coming at you know that maybe graded riser. House. To weigh in on the whale blubber all our government have prize. Did you guys see where some of the clothes they use are like. You know to look like they're wearing sheepskin to listen and yeah. Are like rugs that descent people picked up an IKEA (%expletive) you man they durables Fuzzy things that you can't pronounce. Why I think sometimes late he just looks old school because it. I Africa's most modern people known as. Have animal for draped over them that's not Wiki fur coat. Right any good with that like a fur is not an air every day kind thing now enemy but it is also my you like he magically here everyday and for wrote. Michael Irving can. Break. He did cocaine a lot of prosecutor death he was the guy that's where it needs to say Jesus that in a while he loves them now. Had a lot of NN weather in new thing at the I don't know Jesus that first regularly on process it's gonna think you imagine do you your office whatever the opposite every day with the rule limiting your thinking Jesus mirroring of the club. Born and about it. Yeah paternal water and one's gonna bring a little while there is no no saving money on drinks right. Okay that it's a vote if you make it rain and not paying ten dollars with the rest of us for cats anyway. Refer apple is part but Joey had one choice the course that was rent payment and whatever I guess that when it's free the complaint. Never I should say never. There's got the exact play if you haven't Murrow. Is it weird Patrick Marleau the strip. We get a game thrown by the way that you it's not is not only. Is it always the number one Rachel and evil yeah it consistently shows up is the number two rated show overall. I think they call okay you cables in the idea talk about the leaking part of that the a league that doesn't matter people are still gonna watch that Ella and it doesn't affect their bottom line I got close to start it just a few days ago. And I'm on the fence. But I don't want doing push the button or do I not pushed about because you always you know I and once you obviously. Okay Mike I come and could be here for hours watching this thing so. Yeah but I just did it to the wire series I've seen before but I am I realize like a Micah how much five seasons and about a month yeah. To that that was the theme being that late game thrown the mics to wanna start this right now. Because I know I will not stop until it's over yet exactly but every now maybe just laid out to truly crappy weather. Thank you are now it's time to settle it you mean. When winter's coming. Winters here literature and it and I watched episodes now. That's they give out very fairly average guy gets her headlines on the way with my cock you are listening to the metro radio network. Timely and Swiss smiles. No let's see what's happening in the real world. Part of your golf German authorities looking for men who stole 82000. Dollars worth of new tell us. City of Baltimore removed statues overnight that depicted a civil war that they'll. Well I'm off to go babble is miraculously found that for 28 days lost. Man suit Kellogg's we amount of sugar in their serial and it doesn't get tossed in in Sierra Leone mudslides kill 30600. Are still missing this time drama. It's time to sit down. Is Mike Cox and I've got to Germany were thieves made off with 22 times of the delicious chocolate spread known as new talent. I don't blame them I don't blame them at all this thread was inside of it trailer along with a handful of other treats. And was towed away by the criminals the halls that got anywhere between 58082000. Dollars and with the authorities are saying is that serious. It if you are offered black market shock. It's been let us know that mixers in the red light hearted news fellow pearl was trying to sell you likely to a lot of strong mammoth. Technically eight phone. Yes it is them yet. I mean I've let you guys I'd five black market to an art and I am able if you got New Delhi one of slang like. I contribute also add up argue hope that you need black market in Allah it's not that Mike is that if you offer me you talent combined. Hough I thought it right like when I'm mad at the grocery store the new tele isn't even top minute drive by new car you backed got a good deal of what you do telemann costly dog of Oregon. You want and I thought we're going hello yeah again. Around the world to manage sectors of the war effort to rest a brief failed to appear in court on a charge of indecent indecent exposure. He was initially arrested after a neighbor some drug diddley in spreading his tongue into one of the holes of a chain link fence and and moving it up and down and I'll around it yeah he then proceeded to insert his erect penis and side of the fence that is correct yeah. I asked. I like it he went bubble both should look like it warming up that bad romance in the god if I think god damned element of the reasons why I'm not only to the fans to dinner and everything changes were got on civilize him to drop rail yard line that. If it if you know made it to know that day and yeah I've crab boil. Rates for style how bad month six repented of my lifetime I prefer picket. Hit it it let alone vote here in a pig is an Illinois got to ride it at all. The ground I've been religion. A judge is refusing to completely dismiss a class action lawsuit against Kellogg's after a man claimed that he discovered that there abortion or other cereals from the originally led people to police. He said David he's been buying their products for years think if they were healthy choice but some of the products contain enough sugar to put them at risk for diabetes obesity and liver disease. The company however claim that their product meets requirements set by the FDA. It does anyone at risk of all of mostly though that Hamas and I don't wanna what it is he's even with the U Keating got him frosted Franken noted that Hillary was in all of their healthy cereal so he was purchasing that healthy cereals that they claim to be healthy and healthier and have lower sugar remember it's relative to something in my neck by a man in his lower than fruit loops. But if anyway. Any time I'll watch TV or wanna make that claim and I can't help but now I always there at the bottom of the screen wading through their display of service say this is better man. That if somebody does decent enough you'll see there's an ago hopelessly out of there healthy cereal is healthier then there are others are. In the do lay out of the the servings there for you but if you disentangle bowl after bowl after bowl of the sugary cereal yet it's gonna build up overtime. At every headlines and that my pocket and I recruited to see you next time for big dummy know as Sherlock and had jet is back with kids meat and potato yet hasn't diddly do it is all true that is where your Arab however. We are back tomorrow so until then please. What did you breath and for a lead the thing. The mayor of you who. In this room as the day before a live studio audience wardrobe makeup provided by the majestic limited. The presentation of the the man truly feel that way.