08-16-17 Seg 3 - The Mens Room Drops the Gavel

Wednesday, August 16th

Emails, Who Sucks Less, Mens Room Rules and the Shot of the Day


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Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls down right out and mentor and friend has a loan that's right folks we got something primary a lot like this imagine cleaning lakers' that's right folks just run homer and then rich and I'm very clean fresh feeling that. So change your life lol yeah. Hillary on the dance dude I'm going there and really nasty dirty clothes and dark and dangerous savings. And works every time. Live music all. Strange behavior and of course we're. All benefiting deceive their foundation and the Fisher house. Don't stop for less money hopes to only fifteen months yeah Jordan and now homes and that my staff. Ordering him. This is done men's room. They're adults. Listening to. It's real it's miles and spread. Good job logical suggestions on what you would like to see at this year's men's room read festival coming up with our emails in the men's room mad men to live doc I'm keep those coming they're great ideas were put this thing together by the way tickets on sale now. Men's or live dot com Saturday September 9 in. Now exposed that are bigger and better than ever outdoor drink and and other dumb stuff those tickets on sale now men's or live. Dot com are adamant or blank question I knew I was getting old when blank started to matter to me 8449990. Hello quietly welcome to the men's room. Liquor in Oregon like colonel ours. OK so. About a little over a decade ago I was still doing laundry with my life you know doing the all share in the council deal. It'll work this now. Am 1 day I am. Doing the laundry them all my clothes and looked down and Graham keeps undergarments look in my life and go hey baby when you get sessions she goes that's not my main that in your daughter. And then. I. Now Alger daughter well on our own little mule. Policy when it for now apparently that's not crazy for me anymore he's the bill and Ted is live in Baghdad today have a back. Then you know over a decade that's saying no the preteen years kind of sort of move. Looking at bat I'd like that it never touched a laundry. I get in just don't wanna known yet don't want at least I still my kids are young and our ports bill is just. You can leave the troops streets in the middle. Some kind of like Disney care drummer and somehow I take comfort in my my my my daughter meadow don't worry you'll get your turn the value on my my daughter and stuff and I'm just like oh my god I cannot believe you're wearing them but the bottom line is that's wrong or friends of wearing that's what tournament where it was yeah and so like. I market a standing tour because. At 3 am regretting it and I'm now on being my mom or my father Kabila today you know like I gotta put Tung brakes on and elect okay. This is just the way it is just deal with a you know ranges just feel apart of it. Part of it I would think as a father is just because lake greatly if we know how guys are okay that's them if that is the longest yard right there are just teenagers so she's seventeen or eighteen. She's the teenager wearing Gina ports and now we understand him I guess if I hope the press pay early or double think greatly they don't. This is going out where their friends where other people can actually the book I think well like this are you look at your kid like listen we're gonna go swimming. I'd just don't think you can jump in the water Republican bullet. Because we understand that everything about waters attracted to this is going to do would it can to attend all right take a couple weeks ago right I think nonchalantly acts in the studio you know. I really like one piece patent suits ebitda and Robinson account interest in. But I think back. Tim it's an iPod level images were the top whose sister was so high right now I loved her for years but her mother wouldn't allow her to have a beat he. God did she look like Pamela Henderson middle what he's right so pathetic. I don't know yet. This way you can like the statement you cannot like this payment of this is true we will find a way to sexual. It's it's that god Amy's you know they're gonna find it but think about Christ my daughter is known Catholic school soul. I never been big on the Catholic schoolgirl look discuss. Japanese school girls do nothing for me well not now but. The idea like that has been that's something you can actively search for like an important thing up every morning when giving my daughter dressed in my own my guy like what don't put it. This is an ugly ass plan address what they go the way to maybe uniforms as butt ugly as possible. And we have still to come to wailing don't matter now we have found a way over. This is up and assert more important it is an ugly plaid dress for the Apollo certainly. Kinda him as a dudes and and we had no end to recommit. Other thing is just generations of people like me that went to Catholic schools. And in high school never had a chance of girls are separated by senate and outside and yet that a big event is let's do with the fact that you know it does it have plenty of people in my school got plenty affects all the another thing a lot of women. Though trust that the reason I did talk to women as I was 300 plus rounds it didn't talk to win edited want to talk to you. Right but he is saying I think there's a lot of people like me who now fighting a girl I'm going to buy her cap ex who were off. Dissing go back and experience that you missed but it's not like I wanna go government high schooler now. I understood it we know that Barbara it's just the late tip for you it's probably it's. It is to the wake my gut but think about this do like you conceptualize that we have centralized nuns. NN reality nuns now are not easy on the guys and they don't look like pleasant people but. Somehow we can take being an outfit that you put an councilman there's another to have a bad way men's. And look a lot about it. Now that I almost all of I'll although I'll click on we're willing hot and I've seen is on the young. I'll call click on and click on Asian. Or whatever than all the categories specifically to go to Asia and sometimes those parts of pornography. If that's enter into written. It's more of a joint isolation no car well there's too much capitulation as Japanese. It is specific to you peel away pick up to trade it's weird. I wanna see the good stuff man nobody here is a thing like there's this. In certain videos that I have clicked on I do like he knows Japanese us and it flies because that's their Japanese know you're as the law. The the girl is dressed up to look like she's in school. So she's got pig tails is a little cute outfit on public. Rick and hello kitty backpackers and Mike. How is this sexual like it yet I'm now and any luxury McNamee to hasn't really get it does bother me elect god I mean I know. It's like it did is why I don't know this is nothing about that to me it's sexual all you know it's but obviously grow. I. Urban and a good effort and hard about it you know and anyway and it. Yeah a nurse sure. What you deserve if you wanna play dress up that's fine but don't play dress up as a childhood that. You know I mean I think that that that does nothing for me and if it did do something for me I'd seriously sit there and elect. What is wrong with I what is wrong in my brain like why my stick though you have but that it that's what I want you going through this while you're watching her I don't know I know what's wrong with me yet exist you get it. What am I doing wrong looking ahead to this as I used to be masturbating. Apparently clicked out of that are related that they report. When Acadia that the lake right that the trying to agree child is that a bad thing. I think pig tails to a lot for an eight. And I'm glad I'm out of pig tail guy alma and a girl perhaps some details at the liberal a little I don't know it's just them but even as a kid. You know I don't think it's pig tails but like two girls spasms with which that when I think pig tails to go through my mind. I don't I did not like you've or mom I'm sure Wattenberg. Did an idea of how little like the one of them a base and we need a pile of all as a template for. Ultra toilet she said the wrong through August and keep in mind I don't know what that was the way the story well we have to walk home from school and our why she decided to dropper in Bobbitt she did. But as pile of dog craps at my in the Grassley did you get a bare handed bare hand and with that bit threatened her faced with a Manso ruin batteries mansion there she was brought three speedway but I threw it. It is a match in her face oh god it was a brilliant shot a man former parent or things so. But by the time I get home this girl has told her I'm committed to Obama whole story so when I get home. As soon as a walk and how to walk in the kitchen I see my mobile phone and just the look she gave me told me I know exactly. Who she's talking to right now so. My mother obviously very angry with the justices an enemy that she tells me she doesn't think he don't parents they talked to regretted Teepen Metallica bad AM radio. And he told us writes about how to install. So if you give me the phone to apologize to. Mow my Michael Powell does I mean my mom for obvious reasons. Loses are now being disrespectful this is on the phone from you and that inevitably. So my mother. Says the school's model okay. I'm gonna cornerback I'm a do both the mobile opera here probable hangs on the phone my mother's dress freedom goes off once goes on Leo. And does that you want to ask me why did why did you do. Statement Pullman. It's gonna be about a moment like next time you beat that big disaster might. I wouldn't hold of this I would've told him I don't huge until her mom part of an embargo on cloud Europe hurt and that's why don't pick him. Yeah man but that's Florida at the rate. It tells neighbor and a guy who I know there. That the that it raises there and it's stupid. But that is that is my correlated with big sales should be is this big joy granite we earned second grade by not bridge by the right word but that's how I felt the batter at the moment and hitter and brazen altar so when I think details are they this girl a couple of streets on a phrase in recent Boca. And so yet to this day just not working for. And I know that's ridiculous man but I. Can't escape. I I just when I think of pig tails I just don't terrible and now I picture it. Hot ticket of baseball I was available Bryant concerts where the biggest because a guy I have Bryant got specific you are and Luka bright SE let me see you with Bryant are getting a gentleman I'd literally look at the economy is either gene skier Jean shorts and a flannel shirt blue and Bryant Bryant and maybe usually O'Brien. I'll look Brian I'm Brian faith as all good looking man Lou probably alienate I know is they might as low country girls like. IC wise bulletin yet. Yeah Google picked out brought one CA's. It. Who commanded him detail it's a line there's not a lot of data the other bird's eye for detail now a lot of Coolio cooked with some new. You don't make us now quite a big failed were always off the guy the team that we grad one speed bike and like he has a big. I'd take a trio from Metallica and it. Another moment he's tremendous got pig tails they just don't do reform. Yeah my daddy got you got details to mammoth that the way to not make it's actually. I think it's just and we believe sexy Erica. The least sexy Erica yes he depends on the body of thought it really goes man with a lot together he limo short hair than you see someone remembered the stunning. We're sure that means they're very attractive and cares and so you know it's it's it's yet when you see a woman who's short the problem that is is is as you get older. The women's just start cutting their ear off and went right and any notice it and I get that aspect of enemy knows everybody it and have to deal that'll time but the answer I got my hero there's this level of just slide though. It in the sexuality it is over that Brett and let them anyways that no idea moment of ago but that that's the difference you know like when you get older what you will cut your hair you don't care from Rachel let's try to go through dome about articulate. If you're going to the gym again it's not I want to look at you don't you're old peoples are want to look. It's Heyman the doctors making me do this as of the pie dough my cholesterol is up whatever they heard the doctor last night like. Bad weather than they don't give a rat's ass album art in what you Gaza so it. You know this to be true when it take a shower of walkout bees dragon and everything they don't care. Men's or black question. I knew I was getting old the blanks started to matter to me 844999. All the way get your emails on the way for the men's room and men's or my back out next few are listening to the men's or radio network. He brings to the true with the friends are my question I knew I was getting omen blanks started to matter to me and here come those emails in the men's room women's in my back jobs. I don't let it go skiing and though we are knows well and I've been fighting getting older the moniker for a couple of years now I'm 32 and I have to say that I knew was happening when getting more sleep started to matter to me a whole lot more. If I don't get six and a half to eight hours asleep I'm dragging major ass by 130 and this is constantly on my mind during the week. For example I'm at the Mariners game the other night and good seats all I can think about is what time lag at home if I leave now. And boos get the best of me so I only got five hours and wanna go lie down a set in my 75 minute commute home good times and from there. Does that it was getting old when it started bothering me that the younger generation cannot read a clock with hands on it. They only have digital clocks in schools that don't feel the need to teach that anymore. On a side note if you are a woman and you choose to eat a banana while driving and you pull up behind got a red light don't get all upset if he doesn't realize a light changed to green. He is simply stuck looking in his rearview mirror just say and that from DB Cooper you really need to be able to rate to read a regular clock and one. I I think the understanding of it is probably pretty content. Yeah yeah I don't think he'll meet you know. Policy here I used to live in Nebraska I'm Dan handicapped man as of about sixty days ago I relocated the lovely port of Portland Oregon. This past week I ended up at a party that was quick to go from fort fifteen people as a sitting in the driveway up by myself thinking. I never used to get this tired drinking beer. So I knew I was getting older just based on the fact that I was that tired from drinking three Beers and actually kind of bothers me that should not be happening. How big is a new house getting old I started paying attention again how many Beers I was drinking and limited to a sixer. I remember the days I felt like I was indestructible because I get knocked back nine more B 5 in the morning. Now my body reminds me I'm not in my twenties and that from Aaron and another one says how'd you guys not nosy can jeans popular in Hawaii to. And I don't know that I've never heard of them. It was at a West Coast thing. Maybe we just weren't cool that's really what I'm giving up on this and it drinking thing when you know you gotta get home act that's the big things during the week. I could during the week ago Friday and Saturday I got screwed up fight through it but it just like. And I feel like NFL season to watch an NFL football like that Sunday night game it's like committed a mighty these skiers. Yeah right yeah or a day in America at this point in a certain phase. We are few comments on our question as well I'll reduces I knew I was getting old when who'd started to McNamee most of them go the way you think he's saying I can't have ice cream before bed Alyssa a wanna in my home troubled soul in the morning but does Sutton that I do like heartburn is my thing counseling can McKinney there's this of this. What I get upset with guys that Wear their pants sag in spite of the fact that I used to Wear my pants thing. The height of my car all right get the more lift Michael or needs to make it easier to get in and around ministers and for sure. Probably years ago my wife and I were camping and we're gonna go hiking and fishing all day I looked up or colder so the kids could steal the Bayard. A lousy when Texas started to matter to me and pepper throw those getting old when I found out it was true. That nothing good happens after midnight and one of the stories that inspire today's question they were saying that the outlook or clubs in the balloon meals are way less interested. And now searching for breast related porn and generations says look. The fascination still high. But has has a bigger than ever we can only divide our attention so well start and fair fair and very threat to the rule that I mean never taken money out of any team after midnight that was just based on being wise as far as getting older and I don't make a lot of wise decisions that I've stuck to that. Almost pretty sure I've never never broken that rule I think they like. Not that are charged topic I I I simply haven't strip club like. Are we why is do we finally learn what we should've learned after twenty years of acting it or as you we get that hash out an eleven point Brett rebel but that's our pick up. Like I have to admit that I don't like today I ought to pull out of Toronto money now okay but it's not midnight yet to act if you follow. The meant survival on the Twitter we have encounters well Alec Williams said documentaries and I'll think. That's a fair one half off her ma'am I've noticed a man sixty minutes in when I was a young kid. When football and once you heard nothing chased me out of the room faster than the stopwatch it's X-Men now what wait a minute lets you didn't talk about a that I just how many good to be in a bad mood but if Adams says. Yeah you're driving around to see somebody's lawn you think that's a great along the he's put in the effort at night and I did clear that I and had time for a few extreme out there for the men's or women's or live dot com. Guys on a birthday shout out for my kid brother he just turned fifteen and he wants a barbershop quartet faced sandwich thanks guys that from Phoenix. Sears it sooner you book around this and wins. G.'s daughter on this. Best known example is navy's new rallying Z in the morning. And at. Well one thing to have be blood day Detroit red Sony with a bong rip from a lesion Amanda pleased. Sort of record. Shout out to destroy it. The one email to women with some wished him happy bird like I don't know how they could work Droid avid bird data Erin from have blocked it again only raw dig into maybe throw into dirty Germans for good measure thanks guys that from Lauren. Now we don't think about I want my face open or close to Rhode. Donna guaranteed this'll be great. Wanted to ask Gabbert as Jennifer my hard working boyfriend and army veteran William marks if you guys to throw its internal sex with a wedding puke in the plaza that would be extra fantastic that from rags now. I. It. Hello thirtieth birthday shout out for myself Alex beat chambers bay county. If possible some dirty German and Australian from dead if miles can throw on herky jerky that houses on fire them. Thanks guys love this job for the book they would celebrate the greenhouse you can actually. And at the Mayo menu that allow banana out back ready to caddie become of them. She was few strokes. Off my game OK I get out of the buyout. All of turning offensive at 31 today can get the dirty Germans rock hard and ride free that the music he. Opera Yuba pale glow of the balloon. And I like this there thirteen on top three. There's not a lawyer pal and former husband in Roy kibo the good work. The even doing love you gonna get a face and legions of dirty German doc thanks guys you rock. Job tonight we will also be android. I just like this guy he gets around it's a wife and he's always in right at the. Steve is he different. The bird dealers and other bide his 45 trip around the solar system love them very much you need a barbershop fish sandwich from his loving wife and a. Beers it's going to be blow around this and wins. G.'s daughter on this. I don't understand is navies in the early days in the morning. And at. Guys Obama turn a Big Five oh can I get a you'll like that I just said that in a second outcome gay love the show thanks guys appreciate it. Are you shared bath oh. I. Years ago and how old Mitchell's just hang out here at the pool with Jack Jack and Sammy at the millennium hotel in lowly Cincinnati Ohio. Losing you guys drinking margaritas strawberry factories in Kenya at. I see they have white castle here I'd try one of those murders that you guys recommended. I today is my son Robbie still be nineteenth birthday auto is a very happy birthday cinemanow and think oh look out in an Al hitting the window thanks guys appreciated well look at. It's. All Joes Steve coat back here. Well let you guys international listeners know that you provided us the wife did you program as well many chuckles laughter as well as bragging rights and betting for profile this. Did it is my birthday I would like a bird they request of an Al thick uh oh look out and little turtle six things get a power to the people look gone. Its edges that I see here hitting anyone from my old man jockey is 55 today would be really also looking at a birthday Jennifer you guys with a little Lee Roy. Lloyd Jenkins. Thanks and Roger rock on bitches that from guns it's. I. Couldn't tell you are sad about sister Marcia Marcia Marcia today she is 520. Let's see here aside from being alive mother real estate agent the only thing she loves is or Wiener dog Angus. Could she gets in dirty German talk about a leader dog please. Yeah I was so the move puts her mind we're not enjoying it now you don't do we as maintain. My anything can be out. Collect eggs without the. Our guys do you know. Do you have an avid OK. Happy you have got to learn that that got everybody I. Catered to see you bet. Oh boy. Unleaded is down and reds are brown labor's ads Benz or read festival it is on Saturdays at dimmer than ninth in the incline exposed that are featured out there are again. And other dumb stuff and guess what. It is now eight hours of insanity for the low low price. I'll only fifteen bucks it's bigger it's longer we've lowered the price just for you live music all day. More Beers more breweries man from south and you'll be there. Of course delicious memories of men's room original read along with the interim gold and we're just taking your suggestions on some of the things that you think needs to be this gigantic best math here we go. And although of course the wrapping clown named kill joy. Please out of the red best TV a perfect condition and tons of bunnies they wrapping clown. Apparently kill joy gets a lot of love you guys got a lot of emails can only wanna see him oh I think the festival should include the Ted Smith dance lessons. That's from Mike appear February that are handshake lesson that want to. Producers of dance lessons they'll come out towards in the night after you brutally funny other work but look we are seriously gonna have eight hours of bands play and we're gonna have eight hours of fun falcons games everything else we can come up with so if you have a suggestion on that anything that you'd like to see amend your red festival from corn hole. More leeway I'm down to the corn hole man you NATO will level trying to get a hooked up. Tickets are on sale now you can get them men's or live dot com you must be 21 or older. And the tickets are on sale at a men's or live dot com and again it's only fifteen bucks so we've lowered the price is going to be more breweries more beer. More bands tons outdoor drink I'm really excited about the brewery and I like the fact that all the Marines are getting the ball just to make. Let's just celebrate beer in outdoors at an outdoor drinking and that's basically what it is by the labor time enjoy a beer or cocktail. Sale benefits Seaver foundation of course a portion of proceeds will go to our friends Fisher house as usual as we always do but keep those suggestions coming. For men's room read festivals and your suggestions the men's room. And meant to live. Dot com and the subject on their men's room read festival again tickets on sale now. And it's a midterm livestock to get down and that's it I cut or emails are quick here guys is losing your podcast. And had to pit for me during your segment regarding what annoys dogs the most. I can't confirm that staring at dog's not only annoys them but threatens them. I was doing my two year Mormon mission thing in the mid two thousands was walking the street my companion through Santa Paula California. Through a less than aesthetically pleasing neighborhood. We passed a group of children playing in a backyard and amount of soared some sort was with a dog was medium large yellowish in a moment it's Oz it locked eyes at me. And lowered its head and trotted out of the enclosed backyard and snuck behind me as I walked past. The all time in staring at me and me and him. When we went behind I turn my attention ahead and the moment later the least Louis columnist mud and bit me on the cash. At a go the hospital for rabies check out I still have a noticeable scar this whole time I wondered by the animal bit mean now I know. And now I know not to stare at strange dogs that from Austin in. Or on Utah as a general rule don't don't stare it in anything too long and I don't stared dogs again rule for each outer yeah I mean when I was a kid just based on more grown man went upstate New York. Some brief look at the boat to New York some people didn't but you your counselor walked into the woods and that you bumped into. Weird ass dogs all the time and erode so many rules of engagement with the what to do what not to do in staring at them definitely do not that it as far as what's your what look at of them medications you take every day we gallon here in this and comes our way from by united five point seven New Orleans. I act I. Ahmad a team and an account you can Brent Graham a bong hits for him. At least we know we got the way to new world I like and I like your style not easy to final day that right now. Erica time does not the easiest drug to fun and you can fumble Odom yeah I mean it's kind of like the Vegas typical anyway I don't think it's as legal we now list of where in the world and it's time. You going to be and we look command that we really do I want everybody our record a record fine and we'd be sandy. We land pride got in like 1130 at night there's a bar open. We go to the bar like three younger dudes at the bar they closed the bar those and other cool though I guess like. So we're talk with a balloon and it's one ball two miles was aiming. Where can we get it Wii and her response. Now why don't ask me that a surrogate for black woman would dreadlocks playing jazz you might just look ahead. She opens her income and politically afford insurance and she told his herbalist or if the lord. We've that we've got regardless of the cause yeah Iraq illegally are finally goes look at this in a place that inbound missile exit yet this way and it got he's got cuts should accept that. Coming up we'll drink it tells his job today but first yeah. Israel wants to know. Yeah. Yeah. A hoot though it's time to go failure rate three stars. All of you at all. That's right and it's our job there determine three stories which stories sucks silly stuff like humans are on instrument FaceBook. The debate already under way on who sucks like yesterday and I was at the news right now thoughts and the worst part about influence last. It's not the stories and I'm going to present to you although none of these two went to make him happy. The thing that's offices as a going through the news in the course of week just to break it down to three story you read some horrible horrible. Horrible stuff so amid comic Michael earlier at that these aren't so bad this week he's just there. That they're just not as bad as they could be. But way of ego let's just start well with a commentator from marked difference in this case the Fox News guest. She argued that the confederate flag in the LG BT rainbow flag quote. Represent the exact same thing. Overworked this is while she was discussing racism pure violence and Charlottesville patrol framework but in her appearance on FOX & Friends star Parker that today. He said quote. The same people that are demanding that the confederate flag comes down but the same people that are insisting that the rainbow flag goes up. These two flags were present the exact same thing that certain people and certain groups are not welcome here. In era was thinking that she meant not user. Now he turned the House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi condemnation Obama president problems delete statement denouncing the violence. Saying that sheet is violating the First Amendment with the suggestion quote. Nancy Pelosi exploiting an opportunity that they think will lead to the side. Now part of probably true but you'll probably at point about the politicians to believe they play 2%. We continue our cover this we're briefly yesterday we go to South Carolina where we think meeting of county emergency medical service workers. It ended with the many of them in tears and the resignation of McChrystal but spoke to that meeting image and suicide as an option if they didn't like. The working conditions at the job so about a 100 people. And Richland county EMS workers they have assembled. The register complaints about the work and vegetables is in town administrator Kevin browser. He wasn't having any of their grievances quote. So I'm looking through this list from fifty different problems and literally that bad you could just kill your personal. But wanna voice of the room erupted and most of the people crying and yelling partly because a deputy at least that happened recently been lost to suicide. And then we can sit. Now let's face it they don't all hate group any group from office and the chief of the North Carolina kkk. He says that he's glad. At 32 year old have or higher was killed when the car plowed through the town of protesters. At the white supremacy rally in Charlottesville quote. I'm sort of glad them people got it and I'm glad that girl died. Over his words that would be just the more the grand dragon for the wore a white knights of the kkk quote. They're a bunch of Communist out there protest against somebody's freedom of speech to a doesn't bother me that they got hurt at all. In all the members of a group they rep rally Saturday in it predicts that there will be a misses this is relieving. More violent like this in the due to the call that. So these of the Korea about the abuse of some some tough. But you have the thought of friends commentator does not technically work for Fox News. Gyms are suggesting that she believes the Nazi flag specifically and that the LG BT rainbow flag represents in her words the exact. Saying. You've been have the officials that they do what the working conditions kill yourself but it does Walton employed suicide. And of course been taking on kkk who says look kkk says we're glad that that girl died at camp. Tumbling. On our FaceBook page if you like humans are month FaceBook Brennan says the flag when sucks the last at least no one's death was cheered or wished upon through. Size says as far as the EMS hey look just quit that job EMS workers are demanding more appealing states the be doing themselves a favor. And Bryant does have to go what the Fox News host the other two seriously need to suck start a shotgun. If you like don't bet on the debate it and are men's room page on FaceBook like humans are there as the debate for who sucks let's continues we'll take a quick break the back of their return. A men's room rules you're listening to the men's or radio network and pitches you. It's true we'll during a joke coming up this out today is minutes away about birds and. It's it's. I asked how must never meant there roving go to mr. buyback on you'll see all the rules we have made throughout the years and are on nice and categorized at their Fauria and we give credit to all the people who sit in suggestions admitted to. Give us doing but if you into a law here I guys until they get suggest in addition to the men's or roles. As this is not pertain demand the drivers driver should absolutely not allow other dogs or any other type of pet or animal to occupy their lap while they're driving. This error is allowance and animal in the driver's area of operation and is uncalled for. I was I know you guys are great at what you do I enjoy the show thank you nick you know what nick I'm gonna say that this is absolutely correct I did have what when I first got chewy. We had her room veteran car room and she's just going everywhere you know jumping all around game controller should pattern agreement either way she got in my lap and she jumped down. To where my feet were could not get her out from the break him again this area it's easiest and it was in and not only that but I think even going back human. Your Canada and not only that but. Was that about a week or so ago the was the lady. Who wrote a a piece it's an hey look no matter what you do. Do not put your feet up on the dashboard in the gruesome pictures that accompanied her legs snapping endure eye sockets with a look at an accident because airbag deployed. And boom Bernie used drone faces in public so in the event did you get into an accident and I get and I know dogs like to look at the widow and everything but on your lap. If you get into an accident with the airbag. That airbag is going to first blow the dog right in your face so. And then continue on a dogleg Allegra Google's own government yes exactly they'll build peanut butter on an airbag. I mean I just think it's it's highly dangers in your in your risking both the life of your dog and of course you as a driver because you both gonna get sucker punch in the face by an airbag. You're bright but I watched but I've done it and I'm that would explain it well. We're it's warpath. Every typically don't like a guy named saint nor is sitting unsold on his lap and bright red to go to guy the other day and and I just can't help but notice is they brie. Big dude driving a fairly nice ride in a row to something that we're more reports coroner realized. It wasn't a Chihuahua but something not much bigger moment in his lap but where to that I mean he had his left arm around the dog. As an army sizzling iron is cradle and a dog might learn remain unable drive one hand but my handle was available. He literally I don't know does that really really strange in my it is a bad idea jet that was not gonna pass again as the ocean they'll vote on it. Well aren't all those and they. I. Are we now I'm not Eric go America because it doesn't remember enrolled this year is an email to the men's room women's in my back com. And make the subject men's room rules are right it would admitted to bring it to us. So bloody okay. They're deserves to be ready. Men's room no. It's just the way news. He'll tell us to allow harsh. It's evident that as usual only had suited Zain brings best chance to even throw vilified and overdosed and you've been hearing already below deals. You know you people like me you know me shining through miles that. Guys like. Words in every morning here at the bar and someone who don't look at why parents I had my you know eight area. Well today we those 21 year old I hate this guy's name Sedrick Nichols but also in town Ohio. Just named dame kids that goes on us say his name right it's sounds wrong it's shed for. Check your cash Cedric. So last week Cedric Madrid GMC store and about a bottle of one other or the male enhancement supplements all right all right. Now most of what brandy Barbara how fast they're supposed to work. But Cedric due to the plan. And I think this because it took one of the built right up leaving the store but a few minutes later he walked back into the GMC. Ripped out of penis doubles fully erect. And told the female clerk quote. Supplements really work. It just since the accident and so did the the pop idol once I get a government later within the out screaming these supplements really work now. I'm not saying that she was not impressed but she did call the cops but when the cops got there she decided to I don't want to press charges while the guy believe. However Cedric he had warned opera's arrest so he was arrested anyway. As a word combines. A little worn out for euros don't exposure payments to people I guess they work. Yeah me away he bought the payrolls up to build going were overalls and Tobago came back within minutes. Pulled out his. I just don't know why you go back I didn't have to show them that they worked as you know. Maybe you were for consumer reports. Cedric. It's a secret shopper and at half. Our vigilance drink report those boos imagery does booze because when they get Yemen out that don't over the tong and down the world to party in our tummies. Down wow oh wow that does not. Your good doesn't align the profile of those killer and I'm right now 844999. Pulled up. They should many games continues on the men's room. Radio network.