Tony Scott

Tony Scott found The Sound. As a veteran Classic Rock DJ, he belongs here! You may have heard him on KLOS, K-Earth 101, or guest hosting for Bob Coburn on “Rockline”. He loves skiing, swimming, and football – especially the Denver Broncos in the AFC and the Rams in the NFC. Most of all, Tony loves... Read More

Uncle Joe Benson

Playing music on the air since October 1968, and on the Los Angeles airwaves since October 1980, Joe Benson's presence both on and off-air has made his voice and name one of the most recognized in Southern California broadcasting. He also hosts the nationally syndicated OFF THE RECORD with Joe... Read More

Gina Grad

She’s worked alongside some pretty big names in LA Radio and currently co-hosts The Adam Carolla Show after "Andy and Gina in the Morning" every day. Gamers know her as the voice of Rose in Street Fighter IV, but she'd rather be known as the step-mom to the cutest geriatric cockapoo in the South... Read More

Andy Chanley

Andy Chanley was The Sound’s first DJ. And doggone it, he’s still here! He’s done just about every shift except overnights. Now he plays a ton of Classic Rock on “Andy & Gina in the Morning” during your drive to work, and – unintentionally – he sometimes provides additional entertainment... Read More

Rita Wilde

Everybody loves Rita. With good reason. Not only has she been a good friend to Rock’s biggest stars for (ahem…) a while now, she’s been a friend to thousands of radio listeners. She cares… about music, her beloved Angels, and all of Southern California. You can hear it. Nightly from 7 to Midnight. Read More

Mimi Chen

Mimi Chen, The Sound’s very own flower child, plays the music that changed the world. Tune in and turn on – Sunday mornings from 8 to 11. Read More

Tina Mica

Being the host of The Sound’s “5900 Wilshire” program from 7 to 8 on Sunday mornings can put a damper on your nightlife. But that’s a sacrifice Tina is willing to make to bring important people to our studios for some needed airtime. And you’ll hear her DJ-ing at all hours, too, because she knows... Read More

Cynthia Fox

Whoo-ya! Cynthia Fox has been part of Rock radio in LA since her first day on the job at the Mighty Met, KMET. Now she belongs here, of course. Read More

Mary Price

Wait a minute… Is that the same Mary Price that was a DJ on Arrow 93 back in the day? Sure sounds like her. Read More

Steve Hoffman

You may remember Steve from Pirate Radio or KCAL. Or maybe he reviewed your briefs… um, legal ones. Steve wishes he could afford to quit his day job as a high-powered entertainment attorney to rock out on The Sound full-time. Oh well. Read More