Walter Becker's daughter pens beautiful tribute to her father

September 6, 2017

Walter Becker's daughter Sayan has written a tribute to her late father.

In the note, posted on the Steely Dan co-founder's website, Sayan recalls her father's obsession with music, writing, "You loved music more than anyone I know. You're always there bobbing your head to each beat, doing a little dance here and there, or sitting over there with your big headphones on and swaying back and forth. I could see it, your dissecting the song -- listening in closely for each beat, for each musical instrument -- you know, whatever you musicians do. But I get it."

She also recalled taking road trips with her father that included his stopping at guitar shops are playing a bunch of instruments, but never buying one. "I understand, though; it was your fun place, like an arcade; playing all you can, and as loud as you can. Your candy shop."

The post, which you can read in full at Becker's website, includes a photo of him trying out a guitar at a shop.