Rock's Biggest Feuds

July 11, 2017

The Delaware County Daily Times has compiled a list of the "most explosive rock and roll feuds." While some are between two individuals, the list also contains somewhere a few more folks are involved.

Aerosmith vs. Steven Tyler: "The breaking point was either when the rest of the band found out Tyler had tried out for the lead singer spot in Led Zeppelin in 2008 or when he signed on to be a judge on American Idol in 2011 without telling them. Either way, the members of Aerosmith said in various interviews they planned to move forward — with or without Tyler."

Mick Jagger vs. Keith Richards: "Jagger signed a solo deal in the '80s, furthering the divide between him and Richards, leading the Stones to be inactive for much of the decade."

Scott Weiland vs. STP: "Weiland’s drug problems were a constant thorn in the side of Stone Temple Pilots, leading to an extended hiatus in the late ‘90s and break-up in 2002... He returned to STP in 2008 [and] was fired in 2013 following lateness to shows and erratic performances." He died in 2015.

Dave Mustaine vs. Metallica: "Mustaine was a songwriter and lead guitarist in Metallica when they were starting out, but was fired before the recording of their debut record, Kill ‘Em All, in 1983. He went on to form Megadeth and had an intense rivalry with his former outfit in the ensuing decades. While filming was under way for Some Kind of Monster in 2001, Mustaine and Lars Ulrich sat down for a tearful therapy session where he admitted to feeling worthless compared to the behemoth Metallica had become."

Motley Crue vs. Vince Neil: "Despite grunge obliterating much of the ‘80s hair metal scene by 1992, Mötley Crüe were still going strong. That year though, singer Vince Neil left or was fired — depending who you asked — and the band brought in John Corabi to take his place. It was then when irrelevancy hit... Look, the members of the Crüe are never going to get along famously, with their combative nature one of the elements that makes them so appealing. Internally though, they were probably each elated to call it a day at the very end of 2015."

Ray Davies vs. Dave Davies: "The original brother vs. brother feud between the founders of The Kinks might have been the one most rooted in acrimony. The disagreements run so deep between them that they don’t even agree on the correct pronunciation of their own last name. Ray and Dave rarely got along for any extended period of time, so there is no one 'big moment' to point to."

Liam Gallagher vs. Noel Gallagher: "Their infighting became so captivating that a journalist’s recording of them going at it in an interview landed on the UK charts. It took 15 years, but things finally came to a head in 2009 when Liam threatened to decapitate Noel with his own guitar during an argument before taking the stage in Paris. The gig was cancelled and Noel left the band."

Axl Rose vs. Slash: "Guns n’ Roses fell apart spectacularly with Axl Rose the sole remaining co-founder from 1997 on. The singer’s vitriol directed at former guitarist Slash knew no bounds, with Rose referring to him as 'a cancer.' Asked at one point in 2012 when the original GNR lineup would reunite, Rose responded, 'Not in this lifetime.'" That changed last year.

David Lee Roth vs. Van Halen; Sammy Hagar vs. David Lee Roth; Van Halen vs. Sammy Hagar: "To tell the tale of Van Halen’s feud would take weeks of columns to dissect. But in a large nutshell: David Lee Roth leaves in 1985 and brothers Eddie and Alex Van Halen badmouth him for years with Sammy Hagar a more than capable replacement. Eleven years later, Hagar quits — or is fired — and Roth is brought back into the fold, with Hagar now the horrible one. The 'reunion' with Roth is a sham, and suddenly Van Halen are the bad guys. Roth and Hagar decide to join forces for a co-headlining tour in 2002 which, predictably, is a financial success but personal disaster. Hagar goes back to VH for a tour in 2004 and Dave is back to a baddie — for a moment. After the tour, Hagar is out — along with bassist Michael Anthony, who by all accounts didn’t do anything wrong. Three years later, Roth is back, with Eddie’s son Wolfgang on bass."